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agong-ong [agóng-ong] dial. var. of gana

alili [alíli] n A large high interest loan, advance of money to be repaid in rice at harvest (as of a loan set at a low market value for the rice or at a very high interest rate e.g. up to 50%). (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow.) der. paalili

bulakbol [bulákbol] 1adj Carefree, inattentive, disinterested, lazy purposeless (as of wandering around the streets, neighborhood without a purpose). (sem. domains: - Uninterested, bored.) 2v To stay away from, skip school for no good reason; to concentrate on having fun, doing nothing, unimportant things when one should be working or studying. bulakbol Permi sidang nagbubulakbol sa ida pag eskwela. He’s always playing around during his studies. (sem. domains: - Uninterested, bored, - Absent, 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

diga [díga] v To have, show a romantic interest in somebody. (sem. domains: 4.1.7 - Begin a relationship, - Romantic love.)

dyulalay [dyulálay] n 1Personal assistant (as of an unobtrusive person who will run errands or help in any working capacity). (sem. domains: - Low status.) 2A boy, boyfriend with a personal, romantic interest in them, so is willing to give them every assistance (as of a joking term for one who carries the girl's books home from school etc.). (sem. domains: - Girlfriend, boyfriend.)

interes [ínteres] v To covet something. (sem. domains: - Notice, - Lust.)

interesado [interesádo] adj Interested. interesado (sem. domains: - Willing to learn, - Interested.)

interis [interís] 1n Interest; desire; want something. Waya interis si Toto mag-asawa. Toto has no interest in getting married. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Indifferent, - Interested.) 2v To take an interest in something; to want something (as of to learn to cook, to have the money one sees on the table.) interis Interisado sidang bakyon katong baro. She’s interested in buying that dress. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Interested.)

kag tawo nak mahirap gipukawon ay kag tawo nak dat... [kag táwo nak mahírap gipukáwon ay kag tawo nak dát] say It’s hard to renew the interest of somebody who was previously interested but has let their interest wane (lit:‘the hardest person to awaken is the person who had woken up previously’ as of somebody who is immune to the importance of a known truth). ang taong mahirap gisingin ay ang taong dati ng gising (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Lose consciousness.)

kapitalista [kapitalísta] n One who provides capital, finances somebody in a venture; financier (which is often subcontracted to others. Interest is made on this kind of venture). kapitalista Kag amo kapitalista ay si Tessie ag sa ida kami nagbabaoy it kwarta para puhunanan. Our financier is Tessie and we get money for capital from her. (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, - Prepare something for use.)

ma-adong runggan [ma-ádong rúnggan] adj An interesting speech, good to hear (lit. good to hear). (sem. domains: 3.5.2 - Make speech.)

mahanrom nak mapag-interes [mahánrom nak mapag-ínteres] v To covet something.

matini [matinî] adj Faithful devoted, well behaved, interested (as of a student or worker). Kag asawa ni Susan ay masisiling nak matinong kayaki. Susan’s husband could be called a devoted man.

nagpapautang it pursentuhan [nagpapaútang it pursentúhan] (id. of pautang) idiom - Convert to subentry To lend at interest; to be a money-lender (usually high interest and illegal practice).

ningas kugon [níngas kúgon] adj Loses interest; doesn’t maintain zeal or loyalty to a task or obligation; starts well but doesn’t finish anything (lit. grass catches fire easily). ningas kugon Abe nako ay sige-sigey kag inra pagtanom it mga kahoy ugai kato ay ningas kugon ra gihapon. I thought that they would go on with their tree planting but they just started well but didn’t finish that either.

paalili [pa-alíli] (der. of alili) n 1A large high interest loan, advance of money to be repain in rice at harvest (as of a loan set at a low market value for the rice or at a very high interest rate e.g. up to 50%). NOUN (sem. domains: - Lend.) 2To borrow, obtain a large high interest advance of money to be repaid in rice at harvest time (as of borrowing at either a low market value for the rice or at a very high interest rate e.g. up to 50%). Nagbaoy sida it singkwenta pesos nak alili kana Tang Pruden tinrahan. He was advanced fifty pesos from Uncle Pruden’s store at fifty percent interest. (sem. domains: - Lend.)

pautang it pursentuhan [paútang it pursentúhan] idiom - Convert to subentry To lend at interest; to be a money-lender (usually high interest and illegal practice). nagpapaporsyento

pursintuhan [pursintúhan] n Usury; interest on money. lábis na pagpapatúbò, patuboan

sin-o sa inro [sín-o sa ínro] idiom - Convert to subentry Who among you. sino sa inyo Sin-o sa inro kag interesado magnegosyo. Who among you is interested to venture into business. syn: baka inggwa sa inro, aber sin-o sa inro, ingwa sa inro.

usurero [usuréro] n Moneylender; Five-six (as of the high rate of interest). Karamong hangit ruto sa usurero nak abang sukot. Lots of people hate the moneylender because he collects a high rate os interest.

waya sa inra kalikugan [wayâ sa ínra kalikugán] saying - Convert to subentry Not interested in what was said, done; to not bother to listen or remember. Kag mga anak ngasing ay waya sa inra kalikugan kung inggwa’t Natutun-an o waya. Children today aren’t interested whether they can learn or not.

wili [wíli] 1vt To keep somebody’s attention, interest (for a period of time or frequently); to detain somebody by engaging them in conversation. wili Indi nako kamo giwilihon dahil gab-ey. I won’t detain you because it’s late. Indi giwilihon kag mga anak sa pagpamati it radio it marugay. You can’t keep the children interested in listening to the radio for very long. syn: lipat 1.1. 2vi To be interested in something; to linger along the way. Nawiwili sinra magpasyar sa baybay pagmahadag kag buyan. They are always lingering in strolling on the beach when the moon is full. 3adj Interesing; fun; entertaining. Kawili magmuyat sa marugay nak mga letrato. ??? It’s fun to look at old photographs.

yano-yano [yano-yáno] adv Tuneful speech; interesting sounding voice. magandang magsalita Payano-yano baga kina sida pagnagdidiskurso. He always delivers an interesting speech.

yas-ay [yás-ay] 1vi To loose one’s appetite; to become disinterested in doing something or going somewhere (as of eating or traveling). Tong baktin nina A.Alice ay nagpayas-ay it pagkaon kada inra gingbaligya. The pig of A.Alice lost it’s appetite that is why they sold it. Baka ayas-ayan ra si Elmer magpa Manila dahil indi ikaw magnunot sa ida. Elmer might be disinterested in going to Manila because you will not go with him. 2adj Without appetite, specifically of food; to find food tasteless; to lose flavour. walang gana Mayas-ay kag ida pagkaon dahil sida ay ingsasagnat. She is without appetite when eating because she’s sick. Si Nene ay mayas-ay magkaon dahil ingsasagnat. Nene found it tasteless because she was sick.