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ingdamaan kag ako ngayan [ingdamá-an kag ákò ngáyan] (comp. of dama, ngayan) id To insult, bismirch, denigrate, degrade, ruin my name or reputation. [lit: stood-on my name] (sem. domains: - Reputation.)

ismir [ismír] v To look at, be looked at in a haughty, contemptuous, despising way at somebody (as signified by rolling one's eyes, raising one's eyebrows, looking askanse, down one’s nose and pulling one's mouth to one side at somebody). ismid Kabi nida ay kung sin-o ra sida nak mauismir ra sa ako. She wondered who that was who she thought she was to look haughtily at me. [The answer to this by the despised person is a crude syit ka rin “You’re a shit too”. [lit: shit you also]] (sem. domains: - Gesture, - Despise someone.)