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isutan [isútan] part 1About to; almost; just about to; nearly. muntik na Isutan nagkasakit kuno sida. They said he almost got sick. Isutan’ey ako matamaan it nidog sa uyo. I was almost hit on the head by a coconut. (sem. domains: - Almost.) 2Barely. (sem. domains: - Approximate.)

naiisutan it ida sarili [naiisútan it ída saríli] idiom - Convert to subentry To belittle oneself; to feel small. naliliitan sa sarili Pag natupar sida sa mayaman nak amiga ay pay naiisutan sida it ida sarili. If she sits at the side of her rich friend she feels small.

pisutan [pisután] (irreg. infl. puswitan) n Small sea cucumbers. Kagumo gikaunon kag pisutan aber pugaan yang it suwa ag butangan it toyo. It’s crunchy to eat the small sea cucumbers even if they’re only squeezed with limes and soy sauce is put on them.

butkon [bútkon] n 1Sleeves of a shirt; arms of a person. braso Ing-isutan nida kag butkon it ida baro. She had the sleeves of her dress shortened. Kag butkon ni Joseph ay ingyubag it ida kaaway kada nabali. Joseph’s arm was twisted by his enemies that’s why it was broken. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, - Arm.) 2Arm of a person. (sem. domains: - Arm.)

haging [háging] vbt 1To almost hit something; to fly, hover close together; to pass close to something, specifically of a moving, flying object. haging Isutaney sida matumba tong mahagingan sida’t biseklita. She nearly fell down when the bike passed by her very closely. Malagat-lagat humaging kag mga eroplanong tig-ruha’t yawas sa mga bapor it kaaway. Soon the two-bodied aeroplanes hovered close together over the enemy ships. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Change your mind, - Insult, - Recognize, - Mock, - Demonstrate.) 2To speak loud enough for somebody to over hear; to speak indirectly to somebody; to purposely let somebody overhear (as of intentionally speaking about something that is meant to be overheard by someone actually present). parinig, parunggit Ingpahagingan nida akot mahapros nak bisaya pag rayan nako sa inra. When I passed by their place, she spoke offensive words loud enough for me to overhear. syn: rungog 1, balita 1, sagap. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Vehicle, - Slip, slide, 2.3.2 - Hear, - Quiet.) der. pahaging

isot [isót] 1adj Small; little. maliít (sem. domains: - Child, 8.2.1 - Small.) 2vi To become smaller. Nag-isot kag ida bituka pagmasakit. His stomach became smaller after his sickness. 3vt To make smaller. Apaisutan nako kag ako sada. I will make my skirt smaller in size. comp. mga maisot nak hadop