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itom [itóm] adj 1Black colour. itím (sem. domains: - Black.) 2Symbol of loneliness, death, mourning, evil, bad luck. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Lonely, - Bad, immoral, - Unlucky, - Color.)

itom nak anay [itóm nak ánay] n Black termites. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

itom nak lahi [itóm nak láhì] adj Black race. láhing itím (sem. domains: - Race, - Black.)

lahing itom [láhing itóm] n Black race. lahing itim

ma-itom man kung bíbo [ma-itóm man kung bibo] id Even if the person you marry is dark colored, if they are good natured you will reap the benefit a thousand times over. (sem. domains: - Word.)

agta [ágtà] 1n Negritos; small dark-skinned people. Inghingwaran sidang agta dahil sida’y maitom. He was nicknamed dark skinned man because of his black color. [The negritos are said to be the indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines. They are small, dark skinned and have curly hair.] (sem. domains: - Family, clan.) 2adj Blacky; darky (as of a nickname for someone with dark skin). ati (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 3n A small black supernatural being that lives near rivers, under large trees in virgin forest. [These beings are said to bite or pinch people and leave dark bruises on victims if disturbed by people walking in their territory. Symptoms of this are bruises on the arms when women have been washing at the river. People call out warnings, tábì "go aside", for them to go to the side of paths and avoid being walked or urinated on.] (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

kasiga-siga [kasiga-sígà] adj Very bright. Aber kaitom si Daisy ay gusto gador nida magsoksok it kasiga-sigang mga baro. Although Daisy is dark skinned she still prefers to wear very bright dresses. (sem. domains: - Bright, - Color.)

kurbata [kurbáta] n Cravat, tie of any type worn by a man or woman. kurbata Si Mr. Melendrez ay nagbakay it itom nak kurbata. Mr. Melendrez bought a black tie. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing.)

paramdam₃ [parámdam] v To have a premonition, ominous thoughts about approaching death, danger; to see an omen. padamdam Bag-o namatay kag ida lolo ay nagparamdam anay sa ida dahil nakakita sida it itom nak bila-bila. Before his grandfather died he had a premonition of it because he saw a black butterfly.

plumawo [plumáwo] adj Grey colour. kulay abo Pag maghalo ka it puti ag itom nak pintura kag mayuaw ay plumawo nak pintura. If you mix white and black paint the outcome would be grey paint.

puya₂ [púyà] 1n Ridicule. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Mock.) 2adj Ridiculing type of person. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Mock.) 3v To ridicule; to degrade; to insult, criticise, embarass. pula, insulto, hamak Ingpuya nako kag ida paki nak siki. I ridiculed his lame foot. Apuyaan nako kag ida pagyuto. I will ridicule her for her cooking. Apuyaan nako sida sa ida kaitom. I’ll ridicule her for her being dark-skinned. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Criticize, - Mock.) der. pamuya