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itong [ítong] vt To catch on fire; to burn. nasunog Naitungan tong bubungan nina Bebot tong napilakan it sigarilyo. Bebot’s roof got burned when someone threw a cigarette butt on it. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn, 5.5 - Fire.)

kitong [kítong] 1n Leprosy, Hansen's disease. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.) 2vi To become sick with leprosy. ketong Akitungon ra ikaw pag mag-impon ikaw sa inra. You will also become with leprosy if you will live with them. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

ngasing nak buyan [ngásing nak búyan] time This month. buwáng kasalukúyan itóng buwáng itó

paitong [paítong] 1n Jokes. Permi sidang napapaaway dahil sa ida mga paitong sa mga tawo. He always gets into trouble because of his jokes about people. syn: uyog. 2vi To joke. biro, biruan Maayo sida magpaitong sa ida diskurso. He knows how to joke in his speeches.

pituno [pitúno] n Seven headed; seven lives (as of unusual features). pitong buhay Kag uning kono ay pituno kada mahaba it kabuhi. They say a cat has seven lives that is why it has a long life span.

uyog₁ [úyog] vbt To joke with somebody; to play a joke on somebody. biniro Gin-uuyog nida tong maguyang aber di sakit sida. He played a joke on that old man even though he was sick. syn: paitong 1.

abano [abáno] n Fish species which grows13-20cm. galonggong, gigi Kag paboritong isra it mga estudyante sa Maynila ay abano. The favorite fish of some students in Manila is the fish “galonggong” there. [This is a plentiful cheap fish bought by most ordinary families and therefore from which the "price of fish" is estimated in the general market. It is available most of the year except during the monsoon months of August and September.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

anta [ánta] 1adj Bad smell of rancid or burning oil (as of bought manufactured coconut oil or old oil). maantá (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn, - Decay, - Cooking oil, 2.3.4 - Smell.) 2v To be, become rancid or burnt (as of old fat or oil especially manufactured coconut oil). Nag-anta kag pritong isra nak nabuot. The fried fish became rancid because it was placed in a closed container. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn, - Decay, - Cooking oil, 2.3.4 - Smell.) der. maanta

balikwa [balíkwà] (der. of balik) vt 1Head first; falling on one’s head (as of a person). (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure, - Fall.) 2To fall head first, on one’s head. baliktad Nagpangbalikwa sida’t mga bato para maghanap it sihe. She turned over the stones to look for the sea shells. Waya nabalikwa kag ingpipritong isra kada natubor. The fish which was being fried wasn’t turned over so it burned. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure, - Fall.) der. pangbalikwa

budyak [búdyak] 1n Chinese wine (which is cheap and possibly made from fermented rice etc.). Kag paboritong inumon ni Pudo ay budyak. The favorite wine of Pudo is this chinese wine. (sem. domains: - Alcoholic beverage.) 2v To drink Chinese wine. (sem. domains: - Alcoholic beverage.)

halintang [halíntang] (dial. var. andana) 1n A foothold in a tree for climbing (as of a coconut palm); a stair, tread on a stairway. Nahuyog tong ida anak sa ikapitong halintang kada nabali kag damot. Her child fell off the seventh step that’s why her arm was broken. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Floor, story.) 2vbt To cut a foothold in a tree for climbing (as of a coconut palm); to make, put a stair or tread on a stairway. baytang Inghalintangan nida kag nidog agor malupos gisakaan. He put a stair on the coconut tree to make it easier for him to climb it. syn: sanrig 1, hilay-hilay 2. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Floor, story.)

naghaba kag nguso [naghábà kag ngúso] idiom - Convert to subentry To turn up one’s nose up at food (lit: the nose got long). humaba ang nguso Naghaba kag nguso ni Annie dahil waya nayuto tong ida paboritong pagkaon. Annie turned up her nose because her favorite food was not cooked.

paburito [paburíto] adj Favorite. paboríto Kag ako paburitong prutas ay manga. My favorite fruit is mango. (sem. domains: - Prefer, - Choose.)

pangayan [pangáyan] (dial. var. bangon sa; irreg. infl. ngayan) 11.1n Name. Nio kag imo ngayan? What’s your name? 1.2vbt To give a name to somebody (usually one’s child). Ingpangayanan nida kag ida anak nak Rey. She named her child Rey. 22.1n Name (first name). 33.1n Brand name, label (as on manufactured goods). pangalan Kag pangayan it ako paburitong soft drinks ay coke. The brand of my favourite soft drink is coke. id. waya nangayani

pangunguliyot [pangungulíyot] adj Last place in a game. Pangunguliyot kag ida paboritong grupo sa basketbol. His favorite team in basketball got the last place in a game.

pilo₃ [pilô] 11.1n A fold; hem of a dress, cuff or trousers. (sem. domains: - Fold.) 1.2vt To fold over or back (as of paper). tupì Pilo-a kag papel bag-o itao sa ako. Fold the paper over before giving it to me. (sem. domains: - Fold.) 22.1n So many times more intense (as for degree or comparison). Pitong pilo it kainit. Seven times hotter. (sem. domains: - Multiply numbers.)

prito [príto] vt To fry. magpríto, prito Pila kag imo ingpritong isra? How many fish did you fry?

singaw₁ [síngaw] vt To evaporate; to flow (air) between openings. singaw Nagsingaw kag mabahong amoy it karne. The air of the spoiled meat flowed outside. Atakyuban nako kag piniritong isra it sayaan agor indi makasingaw. I will cover the fried fish with a strawer so the air can come out.

somsoman [somsóman] 11.1n Food for snacks with alcoholic drinks, sometimes a prepared dog meat dish. pulotan (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 1.2v To eat snacks with alcoholic drinks. Asomsomanon ninra kag adobong manok. They’ll eat the fried chicken with their alcoholic drinks. Asomsomanan ninra kag inra inumon it piniritong isra. They’ll have the fried fish for their snack with alcoholic drinks. 22.1n Topic of drinking conversation. 2.2vt To talk about something while drinking. Narunggan nako nak inra ingsusomsoman si Tang Juan. I heard that they were talking about Uncle John while drinking. syn: tsismis 1, usoy.

tongtong₂ [tóngtong] 1n Hot pads for table (for standing hot dishes on). tongtongan Celia, abutan baga sa ako kinang tongtongan dili nak abang init busa kaling sabaw. Celia, will you pass me that hot pad here because this soup is very hot. 2vbt To put, stand something on top of something else. patong Buko kina kag imo itongtong sa lamesa. That’s not what you’ll put on top of the table. Aya gitongtongi ka ako maleta it ibang raya. Don’t put other baggage on top of my suitcase.