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ityang [ityáng] adv To suddenly happen without notice, foreknowledge, awareness or control. basta na lang Ityang gisusuyor kag iro dili sa inro. The dog came inside your house without being noticed. (sem. domains: - Notice, - Happen.)

sobsob₁ [sóbsob] v To fall flat out, face down on the floor (as of a sudden fall or a slow faint). sobsob Ityang yang gisobsob tong maguyang tong matamaan it kahoy sa likor. The old man just fell flat out on the floor when he was hit on the back by the wood.

wilig-wilig₁ [wilig-wilíg] v To shake cloth. Ityang yang giwilig-wiliga ni Lili tong ida labahan ag ingbuyarey. Lil just shook her dirty clothes and then hang them up to dry.