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kaaway [ka-áway] (der. of away) n 1Enemy; opponent in a fight. kaáway (sem. domains: 4.8 - Conflict.) 2The devil; Satan. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

akat [ákat] vt To challenge someone to a fight. hamon Ing-akat nidang magsuntukan tong ida kaaway. He challenged his foe to a fight. (sem. domains: - Fight against something bad.)

ambang [ámbang] vbt 1To ambush, block the way, lay in wait for somebody or something. tambang Inambangan sinra it inra kaaway. They were blocked on the way by their enemies. (sem. domains: - Ambush.) 2To wait to catch a passing jeep. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, - Wait.)

apin [ápin] (dial. var. ampin) 1adj Allied with, to somebody (as of being on the same side or involved in the same cause). (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 2vbt To side with, take the side of somebody; to favor, ally oneself with; to defend somebody (in fight, game, competition or legal court). kampi Ako ay maapin ruto sa ‘unit one’. I will back the ones there in the first team. Nainukawan kag mga tawo sa inra pag-apin. The people were shouting for the side they were backing. Ing-aapinan ni Jesus kag mga Kristiyano pag inaataki it mga kaaway. Jesus defends Christians when they are attacked by enemies. syn: kampi, kiling 2. (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 3adj Defending (as personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) 4v To defend a person (as of personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) der. kaapin , der. manugapin

atubang [atúbang] 1loc Facing; in front of (as of facing somewhere); opposite (as of facing somewhere with no obstacle between). (sem. domains: - Towards.) 2v To turn and face, look toward something, somebody (as of people or objects). (sem. domains: - Turn.) 3v To willingly face up to a problem, difficult situation or person; to consciously submit to something difficult that must be gone through. hinarap Ing-atubang ni Brigs kag tanang kaaway nida. Brigs willingly faced all his opponents. (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan.) der. atubangan , der. paatubang

balaso [baláso] vt To throw stones, spears, stick-like objects at something, somebody (as of long pointed objects, weapons being thrown). babatuhin Abalasohon kono nida isag sa gab-i kag bayay it ida kaaway. He will throw stones at his enemy’s house tonight. syn: buyok, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

balda [bálda] v 1Aches, pains and injury (as of when being beaten up or suffering a fall, accident, illness or too much work). bogbog Nabalda sida pagkahuyog sa nidog. He had body pain after a fall from a coconut tree. syn: bogbog 3. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 2To hit, strike, beat up, mug somebody severely and cause them aches, pain and injury. Ingbalda sida it ida mga kaaway. He was hit severely by his enemies. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure, 7.7.1 - Hit.)

bitay [bítay] v To hang, execute by hanging somebody by the neck until dead (as of in personal revenge or an official execution). NOUN Ingbitay it mga hapon kag inra mga kaaway tong gira. The Japanese hanged their enemies during the war. (sem. domains: - Execute.) der. pabitay

butkon [bútkon] n 1Sleeves of a shirt; arms of a person. braso Ing-isutan nida kag butkon it ida baro. She had the sleeves of her dress shortened. Kag butkon ni Joseph ay ingyubag it ida kaaway kada nabali. Joseph’s arm was twisted by his enemies that’s why it was broken. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, - Arm.) 2Arm of a person. (sem. domains: - Arm.)

buyhot [búyhot] v To appear unexpectedly, suddenly and quickly. sungaw Kali ay kahadlok nak sa waya giaasahi ay bumuyhot kag mga sakang nak kaaway. This is fear because no one expected the bow-legged enemy to appear so unexpectedly. syn: butawan, butho. (sem. domains: - Sudden.)

dipensa [dipénsa] 1n Defense; defending means (as of an object, words or actions). (sem. domains: - Defend, - Defend against accusation.) 2v To defend somebody (as of by speech or actions). Naunahan ni Henry it bakoy katong ida kaaway sa pagdepensa nida sa ida sarili. Henry was the first one to hit his opponent in order to defend himself. (sem. domains: - Defend, - Defend against accusation.) 3v A brace, cross-brace, as in building support. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building, - Building equipment and maintenance.) der. manugdipensa , der. pagdipensa , der. pangdipensa

ganit [gánit] v To grab and hold tight. ingganit ni Lisa kag buhok it ida kaaway kada waya kabayos. Lisa grabbed and held tightly to the hair of her opponent that’s why she was not able to fight back. (sem. domains: - Hold, - Angry.)

gubat [gúbat] vt To enter somebody’s house, territory without permission; to trespass; to come for a fight; to invade and fight. gubat Nagpanggubat kag ida tatay sa inra kayungot pagkawagit it inra karabaw. His father entered their neighbor’s territory without permission after their carabao was lost. Inggubat sinra it inra kaaway. Their enemy entered their place without permission. (sem. domains: - Quarrel.)

haging [háging] vbt 1To almost hit something; to fly, hover close together; to pass close to something, specifically of a moving, flying object. haging Isutaney sida matumba tong mahagingan sida’t biseklita. She nearly fell down when the bike passed by her very closely. Malagat-lagat humaging kag mga eroplanong tig-ruha’t yawas sa mga bapor it kaaway. Soon the two-bodied aeroplanes hovered close together over the enemy ships. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Change your mind, - Insult, - Recognize, - Mock, - Demonstrate.) 2To speak loud enough for somebody to over hear; to speak indirectly to somebody; to purposely let somebody overhear (as of intentionally speaking about something that is meant to be overheard by someone actually present). parinig, parunggit Ingpahagingan nida akot mahapros nak bisaya pag rayan nako sa inra. When I passed by their place, she spoke offensive words loud enough for me to overhear. syn: rungog 1, balita 1, sagap. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Vehicle, - Slip, slide, 2.3.2 - Hear, - Quiet.) der. pahaging

harang [hárang] 1vbt To stop with outstretched hands; to block something, somebody from passing. Ingharangan sinra it inra mga nakaaway sa banwa. They were blocked on the way by those that they encountered in a fight in the town. (sem. domains: - Block, dam up.) 2n Blockage; barricade; something to waylay, stop, hinder someone. (sem. domains: - Block, dam up.) 3vt To prevent something from occurring; to hinder something. harang Sida kag naghaharang it ako mga papeles para sa trabaho. She’s the one who is preventing my papers for the work from being processed. syn: bayabag 4, sagang 1, sapong, abang, taming. (sem. domains: - Hinder.) comp. karamo kag ingkakahadlukang mga harang nak ato makita sa ato pagpanaw, pag ipaling nato kag ato pagmuyat sa rumbuhan

himot [hímot] vt To plan how to take revenge on somebody or harm somebody. tanim ng galit Ingpapahimutan ninra kag inra kaaway pag nagkasala sa inra. They are planning to take revenge on their enemies when they wrong them. (sem. domains: - Revenge, - Hate, ill will.)

ingpapakita sa atubangan [ingpapakita sa atubángan] id Openly, brazenly let some action be seen (as of sin). harapang pagpapakita Kada kaaway kag inra mga anak ay ingpapakita sa atubangan ninra kag inra pag-inaway. The reason why their children always quarrel is that they also openly let them see them fighting. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - Ashamed, - Obscenity.)

iway [íway] vi To avoid, dodge, escape. takas Maado gani nak sida ay nakaiway sa damot it mga kaaway. It was good he was able to escape from the hands of the enemies. syn: iwas, ilag, likaw. (sem. domains: - Save from trouble, - Survive.)

kaskas [káskas] vt 1To strum a guitar. togtog Ingkaskas nida it makusog kag gitara. He strummed the guitar loudly. syn: kayas. (sem. domains: - Play music, - Musical instrument.) 2To increase in speed (driving, running). tulin Nagkaskas sida it rayagan agor indi maabutan it ida kaaway. She increased her running so that her opponent couldn’t catch up with her. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Move quickly, - Quick, - Run, 8.4.8 - Speed.)

komkom nak hangit [kómkom nak hángit] adj Antipathy; bitterness (lit: clutched anger). Nawaya kag komkom nak hangit ni Lito sa ida kaaway tong kali ay mamatay. Lito’s antipathy towards his enemy was lost when he died. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Annoyed.)

kumander [kumánder] n Commander (higher than a captain). Katong kumander kag nagpanguna it pagyusob sa mga kaaway. The commander was the one who lead in attacking the enemies. (sem. domains: - Soldier.)

kurisong [kurisóng] 1n Frown. 2adj Frowning 3vbt To frown. simangot Nagkurisong kag ida uda pagkakita sa ida kaaway. Her face frowned when she saw her enemy. Ya nako nagustuhi tong ida ako ingkurisungan it buko nako ayam kung asi. I didn’t like when she frowned at me without knowing why.

laban [lában] 1vbt To challenge or compete against in a fight or contest; to oppose. laban Inglabanan it mga pulis kag inra kaaway. The policemen fought against their enemies. Akalabánon nako katong kabadeng kandidata sa inra partido. I’ll oppose that woman candidate in their party. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Hinder.) 2vt To enter something in a contest. Ilaban nako kaling ako putahe sa laban-labanan it pagyuto. I’ll enter this recipe of mine in the cooking contest. (sem. domains: - Sports.) comp. dapat magraog sa parehas nak laban , comp. laban sa buot , der. laban-labanan , der. labanan

lantas [lántas] v Almost cut off, severed; almost finished. lantas Nalantas nida’t basa kag libro nak ida ginghuyam. She’s almost finished reading the book she borrowed. Isot yangey nida malantas kag liog it ida kaaway nak karuyot kag ida sunrang. A little more and he would have cut off the head of his enemy because his machete was very sharp.

lipos [lipós] 1adj Sorrounded. Lipos sinra it kaaway. They are sorrounded by enemies. (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap.) 2vt To surround somewhere, something; to put something around somewhere. napaikutan Alipuson nako’t kuray kag amo rayaag. I will have to put a fence around our yard. syn: libot 1, ikot, tiyog 2.1.