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kabilugan [kabilúgan] (der. of bilog) n Full moon. kabilugan (sem. domains: - Moon.)

banghol [bánghol] 1adj Howling (especially of a dog at night) [There is a belief that the evil spirits come out at full moon, so dogs are known to howl then.] (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2v To howl (especially of a dog at night). alulòng Nagbanghol kag iro tong kabilugan it gab-i. The dog howled during full moon. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.)

dimonyo [dimónyo] 1n Demon; evil spirit. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2n The Devil. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 3sta To be possessed by a demon or under a demon’s influence. demonyo Nadedemonyo sida basta mag-abot kag kabilugan. She becomes demon possessed when there’s a full moon. (sem. domains: - Demon possession, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 4n Evil, bad person (as of a swear word for a person). (sem. domains: - Obscenity, - Insult.)

kampuhan [kampuhán] n The game of hide-and-seek. habulan Nag-idamo kami it kampuhan tong kabilugan. We played hide and seek last full moon. (sem. domains: - Game.)

nawaya sa inra sarili [nawayâ sa ínra saríli] v To be lost in a trance; to go into a trance. Katong mga rayaga ag binata nak nag-iidamo it tag-taguan dahl kabilugan ay nawaya sa inra sarili. Those young girls and boys that were playing hide and seek because it was full moon went into a trance.

pikot-pikotan [pikot-pikotán] n Game of blindfold by hands covering somebody’s eyes. piring-piringan Nag-iidamo kami tong una it pikot-pikotan pag kabilugan it buyan. We were playing at blindfolding eachother by placing our hands over eachother’s eyes during those days when it was full moon.

sikyuan [sikyúan] n 1Kind of game to safely run through a lined area which is guarded by opposing players who give penalties to those caught. patentero Nag-idamo sina Meriel it sikyuan tong kabilugan it gab-i. Meriel and company played the running game last full moon. 2Game of tag between players in two bases when one is tagged and put in jail. (sem. domains: - Game.)