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kadat [kadát/kádat ] 1adj Scattered. kalat syn: sabwag 1.1, ayumog. (sem. domains: - Leave an organization.) 2vt To scatter (as of items, dirt or a a smell); to spread something somewhere. Ingkadat nida kag papel sa rayaag. She scattered the papers in the yard.

sabwag₁ [sábwag] 11.1vbt To scatter (usually seeds, grains); throw. sabog Ingsabwagan nida’t bubor kag manok. She scattered feed to the chicken. syn: kadat 1, ayumog. 22.1vi To splash.

ayap-ap [ayáp-ap] 1n A contagious skin disease with white spots that spread. an-an [This is a name given to a number of skin diseases like scabies, cold sores and herpes. A common characteristic is that it has whitish blotches which spread in size and number.] (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 2v To be infected with the contagious skin disease that has white spots that spread. Ingayap-ap kag anak tong pirmeng inghaharuan sa uda it di ayap-ap nak yaya. The child was infected with tinea flava when the babysitter with the disease always kissed her on the face. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 3n A fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot. an-an nagkadat kag ayap-ap sa buong yawas nida. The tinea scattered all-over her body. tinea flava (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 4v To be infected with the fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot.

hakar [hákar] vt To remove the contents of something (cupboard, suitcase, box, etc.); take out the contents of something. halungkat Inghakar it anak kag mga libro sa estante ag ingkadat sa sala. The child removed the books from the box and scattered them around the living room. Kag inghakar nida kag ida mga gamit sa maleta, naayaman nidang waya kag ida kwarta. When she removed the things from her suitcase, she found out that her money wasn’t in it. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Guess, - Check.)

kusi₂ [kusî] v To tear something. punit Aya gikusia kag papel agor indi magkadat. Don’t tear those papers so it won’t scatter.

ponpon [pónpon] vt To pick up (as paper off the ground). púlot Ingponpon nako kag papel nak ingkadat it mga eskwela sa amo rayaag. I picked up the paper that the school kids scattered in our yard. syn: puyot.

ugot [ugót] 11.1adj Irritable. 1.2vi To be irritated. nagalit, nagngalit ang bagang Ing-ugtan sida sa nakitang kadat sa sala. She was irritated by the mess she saw in the lounge. syn: napika, sapot 1. 1.3vt To irritate somebody. Ingpaugot it anak kag ida maestra dahil ingbabaan kag ida marka. The child irritated his teacher because his mark was lowered. 22.1vbt To have a temper tantrum. Nagpaugot kag anak tong waya nabakye it idamuan. The child had a temper tantrum when he wasn’t bought a toy. Ingpaugtan it anak kag dulse. The child was caused to have a temper tantrum because of the candy.