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anghab [ánghab] dial. var. of ingkib, angkab

ingkib [íngkib] (dial. var. anghab) vbt To bite, snatch and hold something in the mouth, between the teeth without biting into it (as of a pet dog). kagat Indi nida gipaingkiban tong ida tsokolate. She will let no one bite her chocolate. Maado gani waya sida giingkiba it iro. Good the dog didn’t bite her. Inglitrato si Romeo habang nagiingkib it santoy. Romeo was photographed while biting into a santol fruit. syn: pang-it, kagat 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.4 - Animal actions.)

ingkit [íngkit] v To bite into, off something small (as of opening an iced candy wrapper; breaking sewing thread between one’s teeth). kagat Subaling ingkiton ray ninro kinang mga ice candy hina sa ice box. In case you bite into those ice candy in the ice box. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew, - Tooth.)

kagat [kagát] 1n Bite of an animal, insect. Pincers of an ant. syn: pang-it, ingkib. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2sta To be bitten. Nakagat kag ida damot it iro. His hand was bitten by the dog. 3v To bite. kagat Nagpangkagat kag amo it anak. The monkey bit a child. der. kinagtan

kagat ka imo siko [kagát ka ímo síko] (irreg. infl. kagta ka imo siko) id To regret; repent; be sorry for doing something (lit:‘bite your elbow’). kagat ka ng iyong siko Aber nio pang pagsuli-suli nimo ay wayaey ra ikaw it nahuhuman kada (‘kagta yangey kinang imo siko!’). Even though you keep on repenting you still don’t remember so ‘just be sorry’! (sem. domains: - Repent, - Sorry.)

kinagtan₂ [kinágtan] n Bite of animals. kagat (sem. domains: - Bite, chew, - Tooth, - Mouth.)

pang-it₁ [páng-it] vt To bite something or somebody (said of dogs, pigs, etc. also people). kagat Napang-it ako it iro tong nagrayan sa inra. I was bitten by the dog when I passed by their place. syn: kagat 1, ingkib.

pang-it₂ [páng-it] v To snatch and eat (as of an animal). kagat Ingpang-it it iro kag isra nak ida bitbit. The fish which he is holding was eaten by the dog.

sigir [sigír] 1vt To be stung, bitten by an insect, especially of a bee, wasp or centipede. kagat Ingsigir sida’t amamagang ida nadamaan. She was stung by the centipede that she happened to step on. syn: sugor. 2n A sting inflicted by a wasp. Kayaya kag sigir it alimbubudog. The wasp sting is very painful.

sugor [sugór] vi To be stung, bitten by an insect, especially of a bee, wasp or centipede. kagat Nagyamhong kag sinuguran it alimbubudog. The bite of the wasp became swollen. Ingsusugor it putyukan kag karabaw. The bee is stinging the carabao. syn: sigir 1.

babuyon [babúyon] n Snake species which is thick black and poisonous. Katong ida anak ay gingkagat it sawa nak babuyon. His child was bitten by a snake of the thick, fat kind. (sem. domains: - Snake.)

hayukhok [hayúkhok] n Sandflies (as of very stinging flies at the beach). Waya nako namalayi nak nakagatey yaki ako it hayukhok dahil kauintik kali. Surprisingly I didn’t notice that I had been bitten by sandflies and it was because they are so tiny. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals, - Insect.)

mumo₂ [múmò] 1sta To fall on one’s face into something. sobsob Namumo kag anak sa raga pagkarapa. The child fell on his face in the dirt when he tripped. syn: rapa 1, rusmo. 2vt To thrust somebody’s face into something. Ingmumo sa yunang it anak kag nguso it iro nak nagkagat sa ida. The child thrust into the mud the mouth of the dog that bit him.

mundo uning [múndo uníng] n Wild cats. Ingkagat si Bob it mundo uning. Bob was bitten by a wild cat.

pi-ang [pi-áng] 1n A lame person. A person with a deformed, withered limping foot. pilay (sem. domains: 2.5.4 - Disabled.) 2adj Lame. (sem. domains: 2.5.4 - Disabled.) 3vi To become lame. Napiang kag iro nak naligis it dyip. The dog that was ran over by the jeep became lame. Tong nagkagat sa ida nak iro ay ida kono apiangon. He said that he’ll make the dog that bit him become lame. (sem. domains: 2.5.4 - Disabled.)

wayo-wayo [wayo-wáyo] n Long, black and white striped poisonous sea snake. ?? Banded snake eel, black and white stripes. ?? walo-walo Mga anak, indi kamo magpanha sa abang rayom sabaling ingwa hina it wayo-wayo ag kamo ay makagat. Children, don’t you go there again it’s very deep, there might be a striped snake there and you’ll get bitten. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

wilig-wilig₂ [wilig-wilíg] vi To go, move from side-to-side; to zig-zag (as of a boat tipping from side-to-side, a dog waging it’s tail). iling-iling Ingwilig-wilig it iro kag ida ikog pagkakita sa ida amo. The dog wagged his tail from side-to-side when he saw his master. Nawilig-wilig pa kag ikog it israng kadadawi yang. The fish that was just caught is still wiggling its tail. Ingwilig-wilig ni Gail kag ida damot para makabuhi kag uning nak nakakagat. Gail shook her hand to get the cat off which was biting her. syn: hiwag 1. (sem. domains: - Move noisily.)