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aber pilang asawa ay pweding makita pero kag nanay ay ausa yang [abér piláng asáwa ay pwéding makítà péro kag nánay ay ausá yang] (comp. of usa) say One's mother must be respected because one can have many spouses but only one mother. [lit: however many spouses can be found but a mother is only one] Kahit ilang asawa ay pweding makita pero ang ina ay iisa Tong masaduran ni Veron nak naglaban kag ida nobya sa ida nanay ay nagpaindi sidang magpakasay dahil siling nida aber pilang asawa ay pweding makita pero kag nanay ay ausa. When Veron learned that his girlfriend had a fight with his mother he backed out of being married to her because he said, any number of wives can be found but one only has one mother. (sem. domains: - Father, mother, - Saying, proverb.)

aber riin [abér ri-ín] loc Wherever; anywhere (as of any location left, reached or mentioned in relation to other things). [lit: even where] kahit saan Aber riin ako magpagto ay nagsusunor kag iro nako. My dog follows after me wherever I go. (sem. domains: - Indefinite location.)

aber sin-o sa inro [abér sin-ó sa inró] (comp. of aber, sin-o) pro Anyone of you; Whoever among you. [lit: even who to you] kahit sin-o sa inyo Aber sin-o sa inro ay pwede mag-aray it pagyuto. Anyone of you can learn culinary arts. syn: baka inggwa sa inro, sin-o sa inro, ingwa sa inro. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns, 8.1.5 - All.)

aber sio [abér si-ó] (fr. var. aber sin-o) (comp. of aber, sio) pro Whoever; anyone. [lit: even who] kahit Ataw-an nako kali sa aber sio nak napali. I will give this to whoever comes. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

kahit n Fish trap hook. (sem. domains: - Fishing equipment.)

kahita [kahíta] n Little coin purse; wallet. pitaka (sem. domains: - Store wealth, - Bag.)

magkahitsura [magkahitsúra] (irreg. infl. magkaitsura) adj Those whose appearance is similar; a person who looks like somebody. Tong anak ni Lani ay magkahitsura it ida asawa. Lani’s child looks like her husband. (sem. domains: - Like, similar.)

miskan₂ conj Even if; eventhough. kahit na

miskan lintian pa ako [mískan líntian pa akó] (irreg. infl. miskin tamaan pa ako it linti) idiom - Convert to subentry To call down a curse on oneself (lit: even it I were to be even struck-by-lightning!; even if I were to be even struck by lightning!). kahit tamaan pa ako ng kidlat Siling ni Jude miskin tamaan pa ako it linti buko ako it nagpatay sa ida. Jude said “even if I were to be struck by lightning I am not the one who killed him.

miski₁ 1.1conj Eventhough; even if (as of concession relations which include contra-expectation, hypothetical and contrafactual relations). kahit na Miski di sakit sida nagpipilit nak magpali. Eventhough he’s sick he insists on coming. Nagmamaneho sida it awto miski waya sa tamang idad. He drives a car eventhough he’s not of age. syn: imbis nak, lalo, tapat. der. miskan

miski₂ [míski] conj Even, even though. kahit na Nag-iidamo gihapon tong ida anak miski ingsasagnat. Her child is still playing even though he is sick.

ngasing pa gani [ngásing pa gánì] idiom - Convert to subentry Even now. kahit ngayon Permi waya ako nahimo it tuyar kina, miskan ngasing pa gani! I usually never do that, even now!

ni₂ conj Neither…nor; either…or (as of disjunction) kahit na…ni Waya sida ni hali ni maguyang. She has neither brothers and sisters nor parents. Ni ngasing ni insulip ay indi ako makakahalin. I won’t be able to leave either today or torrow.

pisitas [pisítas] n Twenty centavos. biente Waya sida kabakay it tinapay dahil a pisitasey kag ida kwarta sa kahita. He wasn’t able to buy bread because there was only 20 centavos left in his wallet.

sin-o [sín-o] irreg. infl. of sio comp. aber sin-o sa inro Anyone of you; Whoever among you. [lit: even who to you] kahit sin-o sa inyo