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kahulugan [kahulugán] n Meaning. kahulugán syn: gustong bisayahon, buot silinggon 1. (sem. domains: - Word, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Meaning, 3.5.3 - Language.)

malisya [malísya] n Malice; malicious feelings, thoughts. malisya, masamang kahulugan Pag namuyat sinra it bomba nak sine ay ingtataw-an nida it malisya kag ida nakikita. If they see bold movies he gets malicious ideas from what he sees.

buot silinggon [bu-ót silínggon] (comp. of buot, siling) id 1Mean, meaning, mean to say; as if to say; in other words. [lit: will say-to-somebody] ibig sabihin Kag buot silinggon it imo mga maguyang sa pagpiga sa imo sa pakikipaginuman ay adong indi ka magrako nak mayanguhon. What your parents mean in stopping you from drinking with others is that for you not to grow up to be a drunkard. syn: kahulugan, gustong bisayahon. (sem. domains: - Cause, 3.5.3 - Language.) 2The reason. (sem. domains: - Cause.)

gustong bisayahon [gústong bisayáhon] (comp. of gusto, bisaya) exp Meaning; mean to say. ibig sabihin Kag gustong bisayahon it ida hali ay partihoney ninra kag inra mga manang duta. What his brother means is that they should share their inherited land now. syn: kahulugan, buot silinggon 1. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.)

yabot [yábot] 1adj Different. Yabot ka inra mga ugali, no? Their customs are different, no? syn: kaiba. 2vi To become, be different; to change something (as one’s mind). iba Imaw kali kag nagyabot it kahulugan. This is how the meanings differed.