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kahinangyan [kahinangyán] 1n Need; necessity. kinakailángan Bukoey kahinangyan nak magnunot pa ikaw it kaibahan dahil malupos ra kato gihanapon tong ida gingestaran. There’s no need for you to take a companion because it is easy to locate that address. (sem. domains: - Necessary, - Need.) 2pv Need; necessary; should; must. (sem. domains: - Necessary, - Need.)

kailangan [ka-ilángan] (irreg. infl. kailangat) 1n Need. kailángan syn: kinahangyan 1, kinahangyan 2. (sem. domains: - Need.) 2vt To be in need of something. kailangan Nagkakailangan sida it kwarta. She needs money.

kailangat [ka-ilánga't] irreg. infl. of kailangan

kinahangyan [kinahángyan] 1n Need. kinakailangan Bukoey kinahangyan nak magnunot pa ikaw it kaibahan dahil malupos ra kato gihanapon tong ida gingestaran. There’s no need for you to take a companion because it is easy to locate that address. Kag pagkaon ay usa sa tatlong pinaka importante nak kinahangyan it tawo. Food is one of the three important needs of man. syn: kailangan 1, kinahangyan 2. (sem. domains: - Necessary.) 2vt To need something; to be needed. Aya kinang kahon gipilakan dahil akinahangyanon kina nimo sa huli. Don’t throw that box away because you will need that later. syn: kailangan 1, kinahangyan 1. (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing, - Situation, - Need.)

bado it sayong [badó it sáyong] (comp. of bado, sayong) 1exp To pound the sticky gum of a tree which is hard to remove from the pestle. [lit: pound of sticky-gum] (sem. domains: 6.2.6 - Process harvest.) 2id To burn with lust, sexual frustration. Kailangan nako nak mag-asawa agor indi ako magbado it sayong sa huli. I need to get married so I don’t burn with lust in the future. [This is not a polite expression. Literally it means to pound the sticky gum from a tree, which cannot be easily removed from the pestle. [lit: pound of sticky-gum]] (sem. domains: - Lust.)

balakil [balákil] n Purlins (as of horizontal timbers on a roof to which galvanized iron sheets are attached vertically). Kailangang di balakil kinang ingpapakandong bubungan para indi maguba. It is necessary that there’ll be supports under the roof which is being fixed in order that it won’t collapse. (sem. domains: - Roof.)

banata [banáta] n A one man fishing net. Kailangang sugrungan kag inra pukot dahil ausang banata yang kato. There is a need for their fish net to be extended because its just one single sized net. (sem. domains: - Fish with net.)

bawia kinang imo bisaya [bawí-a kínang ímo bisáya] (comp. of bawi, kina, bisaya) exp Take back, retract what you said! (as of an angry retort when words are not true or not appreciated). [lit: take-back those your words] bawiin mo ang iyong sinabi Kailangang bawion nimo kinang imo bisaya kung indi ay maaway kitang ruha. You should take back what you said if you don’t want the two of us to fight. (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

disminurya [disminúrya] n 1Severe period pains; stomach cramps (as of women having their period or in menopause). disminurya Kailangan ni Lea nak mag-inom it buyong kung ingririgla dahil permi sidang di disminurya. Lea always had to take medicine because during menstruation she always experiences stomach cramps. (sem. domains: - Female organs, 2.6.4 - Stage of life, - Pain.) 2To have severe period pains, stomach cramps (as of women during their period or in menopause). (sem. domains: - Female organs, 2.6.4 - Stage of life, - Pain.)

distansya [distánsya] 1n Distance, gap, space (as of physical space, psychological or social distance). distansya Kailangang magkainggwa gador it distansya kag maestra sa estudyante. There should be a distance between a teacher and a student. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations, - Far, 4.1.6 - Disunity.) 2v To distance oneself, put a gap, space between oneself and others (as of physical, psychological or social distance). (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations, - Far, 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

ditor [dítor] 1n Detour; side track; direct route (as of a bridge built of coconut palm wood being used while a new bridge is being built, or of a more direct path over a mountain to reach a place). Kailangang magditor kag mga sasakyan para mapakando kag bag-ong tulay. There is a need for the vehicles to detour in order to fix the new bridge. [This may be called a "short cut" but it's not always an easier route!] (sem. domains: - Road.) 2v To detour, take a side track, direct route (as of on a bridge built of coconut palm wood being used while a new bridge is being built, or via a more direct path over a mountain to reach a place). (sem. domains: - Road.)

garantiya [garantíya] n Collateral; aspects which are mortgaged; pledge given in part, payment. garantiya Kailangan nak taw-an ako nimo it garantiya para ako ay mapati sa imo nak indi ako nimo gilukuhon. I need you to give me collateral so that I will believe you won’t trick me. (sem. domains: - Promise.)

gitling [gitlíng] n A dash, hyphen in writing. Kailangan ra sa pagsuyat kag gitling. A dash is necessary when writing. (sem. domains: - Until.)

groseri [gróseri] 1n Grocery store; store for manufactured, canned goods. groserya Nagpamakay ako it mga kailangan sa kusina sa groseri. I brought my kitchen supplies at the grocery store. (sem. domains: - Buy, - Price, - Store wealth, - Bargain, - Store, marketplace, - Sell.) 2v To buy, shop for groceries, manufactured, canned goods. Naggroseri si Lany it kuman tong aga. Lany bought groceries earlier this morning.

hapslip [hápslip] n Halfslip; petticoat; undergarment to cover below a woman's waist. panloob Kailangan nimong magsoksok it hapslip dahil kanipis kinang imo baro. It is necessary for you to wear a halfslip because your dress is very thin. (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)

katamtaman [katamtáman] adj Temperate; enough; moderate amount. katamtaman Katamtaman yang it hadag it adlaw kag kailangan it katong ako tanom. My plants only need just enough sunlight. Katamtaman kag klima dili sa Pilipinas. The climate here in the Philippines is temperate. syn: regulado. (sem. domains: - To a small degree, 8.3.4 - Hot, 1.1.3 - Weather.)

kostum bol [kóstum bol] n Costume, fancy-dress ball. Kailangang magsoksok ka’t kostum kung ikaw ay mapagto sa kostum ball. It is necessary for you to wear a costume if you are going to attend a costume ball. (sem. domains: 5.3.9 - Style of clothing, 5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions.)

mayabo [mayabó] adj Milky; delicious (of food particularly avocado, squash, root crops). Soft fleshly rootcrop, as of one that is good tasting. malinamnam Bukoey kailangan nak gatasan pa kag mayabong abokado. There’s no need to put milk on a milky avocado. (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)

nipis [nipís] adj Thin; transparent. Kailangan nidang magkamison nak abang nipis kag ida baro. She needs to wear a chimese because her dress is so transparent.

paawan [pa-áwan] v To have to leave, depart, evacuate from somewhere; to evict, make somebody leave a house; to dismiss, fire somebody from a job. ROOT umalis Kailangang magpaawan sida sa dating istaran. He has to leave his old house. (sem. domains: - Leave.)

pangtakyob sa yangaw₂ [pangtákyob sa yángaw] n Fly cover (as of plastic, gauze type cover which is put over food). pantakip sa pagkain Bakay it pangtakyob sa yangaw nak kailangan para sa pagkaon. Buy a fly cover because it’s needed for the food.

pasaako [pasa-ákò] (der. of ako) v To become mine, my possession; to be with me. pasaakin Kailangan mapasaako kinang medalya aber ano kamatabo. That medal should become mine whatever happens. (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, 8.5.2 - Direction, - Come.)

pasimyat [pasímyat] v To glance. tingin Kailangang magpasimyat yang ka it muyat sa mga kabadi sa Saudi para indi ka mapreso. It is necessary that you only glance at women in Saudi to avoid imprisonment.

pigong₂ [pígong] v To grab, sieze and hold tightly, still. Si Rex ay kailangang pigungon pa bag-o mapainom it buyong. Rex needs to be grabbed hold of and hold tightly before he can be given medicine.

piloti [pilóti] n Cement base to set a bolt in, pilon on a bridge, pier. piloti Kag inghuhuman nak tulay sa Calatrava ay karamong kailangan nak piloti para magtibay. The bridge that is constructed in Calatrava needs many cement based pilons so it will be durable.
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