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kaligos [kalígos] 1n Bath. paligo Abang rugay kag ida kaligos. He had a very long bath. syn: bili. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.) 2vi To bathe; to take a bath. Nagkaligos sida sa sapa. She took a bath in the river. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.) 3vbt To bathe somebody else (a child, sick person, a dog). malígò Ingkaligusan nako si Rex it mayabaab nak tubi. I bathed Rex with a lukewarm water. Nagkakaligos rabuno sida it gaos sa paghakot it lugit. How pitiful, he’s bathing in perspiration because of carrying copra. comp. akaligusan tong tuor , der. kaligusan

bili₂ [bilî] v To bath, bathe. ligô, paligo I’ll bathe our dog this afternoon. Ako abilian kag amo iro isag sa hapon. syn: kaligos 1. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.) der. pabili

ag₁ [ag] conj 1And. at Ahugasan ag atrapuhan namo ka mga pinggan. We will wash and dry the dishes. Si Juan ag si Ronald ay nagpauliey. John and Ronald have already gone home. (sem. domains: - And, also, 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.) 2Then as a result. Ingtuslok ni Bulog kag tubo ag nagliwas kag mga nagbabara. Bulog poked something down the pipe and then as a result what was blocking it came out. (sem. domains: - Result.) 3Then; then after that. Nagkaligos ag nag-ilis sida. She bathed then changed. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence.) 4But. Asing sinra ay nagpuasa ag kamo ay waya? Why do they fast but you don’t? (sem. domains: - But, 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.) comp. ag iba pa

anar [ánar] adj 1Accustomed, used to somebody or to doing something; tame (as of an animal); familiar with somebody (as of a child with her nanny). nasanay Anar ako magkaligos it gab-i. I’m used to taking a bath at night Naanaran nako sida nak kaibhanan. I’m being accustomed to him as a companion. Nag-anar sa ida tong manok tong rugayey. The chicken became used to him after a long time. syn: gamon. (sem. domains: 4.1.3 - Know someone, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, - Accustomed to.) 2To become accustomed, used to somebody or to doing something; to become tame (as of an animal); to become familiar with somebody (as of a child with her nanny). (sem. domains: 4.1.3 - Know someone, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, - Accustomed to.) 3To be somebody to whom people or animals become accustomed, used to or are tame with. (sem. domains: 4.1.3 - Know someone, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, - Accustomed to.) 4To have become accustomed, used to somebody or to doing something; to have become tame (as of an animal); to have become familiar with somebody (as of a child with her nanny). (sem. domains: 4.1.3 - Know someone, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, - Accustomed to.)

anghit [ánghit] 1adj Bad body smell, odor of people, dogs and other animals. anghit Kaanghit kamong mga anak! Kaligos anay! You kids smell bad! Go take a bath first! syn: anghoy 2. (sem. domains: 2.2.6 - Sweat, 2.3.4 - Smell.) 2v To become smelly (as of people or dogs with a strong body odor). Nag-anghit sida dahil ’ya gikakaligos it usang semana. He became smelly because he doesn’t take a bath in a week. syn: anghoy 1. (sem. domains: 2.2.6 - Sweat, 2.3.4 - Smell.)

bakadan₂ [bakadán] n A floatable object on, with which to stay afloat on water (as of floaties, inner tubes, timber, empty plastic containers or empty coconut shells used by children when swimming in the ocean). salbabida Naggamit sinra it bakadan tong magkaligos sinra sa ragat. They used floats when they went swimming in the sea. syn: batang. (sem. domains: - Swim.)

bang-og [báng-og] adj 1Very bad smelling, stinking (as of dirty clothes that have been left unwashed for a long time or a dog that has rolled in feces). mabahó, mabantót Si Raul ay perming mabang-og pagnapaeskul dahil waya nagkakaligos. Raul always had a bad smell when going to school because he’s not fond of taking a bath. (sem. domains: - Bad, 2.3.4 - Smell.) 2To become bad smelling; to stink, become stinking, stinky (as of dirty clothes that have been left unwashed for a long time or a dog that has rolled in feces). (sem. domains: - Bad, 2.3.4 - Smell.)

bibingka [bibíngka] 1n Rice flour cakes baked between coals (which may have brown sugar or long shreds of young coconut added. These cakes are flat, round 2x10cm and baked on circles of banana leaf). Bibingka kag amo bayon sa Poctoy pagkaligos namo sa baybay. Rice cake baked in coals is our lunch at Poctoy when we swim at the beach. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.) 2v To make a rice cake which is baked between coals. bibingka Nagbibingka kag ida nanay tong Paskwa. Her mother made a rice cake last Christmas. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.) comp. bibingkang kanin

hinogey kag ako sip-on [hinogéy kag ákò síp-on] idiom - Convert to subentry My cold is full blown (lit: my cold is ripe, as when the phlegm is thick and yellow). Hinogey kag ako sip-on kada puydey akong magkaligos. My cold is ripe so I could take a bath now. (sem. domains: - Word, - Saying, proverb, 3.5.1 - Say.)

huyos [huyós] vbt To wash head using shredded coconut. maggúgò Naghuhuyos ako it buhok kada makaligos. I wash my hair using shredded coconut before I take a bath. (sem. domains: 7.7.4 - Press, - Steps in food preparation, - Pound in mortar and pestle, 7.7.6 - Grind.)

isot yangey mamuy-od [isót yangéy mamúy-od] saying - Convert to subentry Almost just dropped dead, died. Isot yangey mamuy-od kag anak tong magkaligos kali it ausa sa ragat. The child almost just dropped dead when he swim alone in the sea. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Embarrassed.)

kurog₁ [kúrog] vi To shiver. nginig Nagkurog sida pagkaligos sa ragat. She shivered when she swam in the sea.

lignaw [lígnaw] vbt To rinse off with water (as when swimming). banlaw Wayaey ako gipanglignaw pagkatapos it kaligos sa ragat. I didn’t rinse off after swimming at the sea.

liksi [líksi] adj Lively; active; agile; energetic. Kaliksi kag ida hiwas paghali ikaw. Her ways are lively if you are here. Kag ako pamatyag ay maliksi kung bag-ong kaligos. I feel active after taking a bath. syn: abtik 2.

malakuko [malakukó] adj Warm; lukewarm (water). maligamgam Malakukong tubi yang kag imo ikaligos. You should only use lukewarm water for your bath. syn: mayabaab.

maligamgam₁ [maligámgam] adj Luke warm. Maligamgam nak tubi kag ingkaligos nida sa ida anak. She bathes her child with a luke warm water.

nasulitan it hangin [nasulítan it hángin] idiom - Convert to subentry To have wind, air go inside one’s body and cause pain. nasampak ng hangin Nasulitan it hangin si Helen tong nagkatuyog pagkatapos it kaligos. Helen had wind go inside her body and cause pain when she slept after bathing. (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak.)

okyi [okyî] v To close up, shrink especially of body parts (as of vagina). lumiit Pay maukyo kag ako yawas pagmagkaligos dahil abang yamig. It’s as if my body would shrink if I take a bath because its too cold.

pagusto [pagústo] n Whenever one likes; at one’s own whim, liking (as of indulging oneself or one’s children). kung gusto Pagusto it tong inra bisita nak magkaligos ay napagto sa ragat ag magrangoy. Whenever their visitors like to swim they just go to the beach and swim.

pasilagon [pasilagón] n A peeping hole. silipan Ingsil-ip it anak tong nagkakaligos nak madre sa pasilagon. The child peeped at the nun bathing through the peeping hole.

pasma [pasmá] sta To become ill with a fever, chills; to develop enlarged veins, painful, weak, shaky feet and hands from working, walking alternatively in hot and wet (hot and cold) conditions. pasma Napasma sida dahil sida ay nagkaligos nak raan pagkatapos it bunak. She got a fever because she bathed right after washing clothes. Mapapasma ka pag magkaligos pagkatapos it anak. You will develop enlarged veins if you take a bath after giving birth. [It is believed that hot and cold are antagonistic forces. Therefore one should not bathe immediately after doing hard work that causes one to perspire, or bathe right after giving birth, etc.] (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

rungan₂ [rungán] v 1To be with, all together; to go together. sabay Nagrungan kami it kaligos sa ragat. We went swimming together at the sea. Nakarungan nina Jesus sa pagkaon ka mga makasal-anan nak tawo. Sinner ate together with Jesus. syn: impon. (sem. domains: 4.1.1 - Friend.) 2To put something togeher. Irungan yangey it gisa tanan nak utan para sa pinakbit. We’ll put all the vegetable together to be sauteed for the pinakbet. (sem. domains: - Logical.) der. karungan

sugba [súgba] vbt To put something in the fire or in something burning like coals (as in cooking food or destroying something in a fire). ihaw Sugbahan kag sawa sa kayado. Put the snake in the fire. Nagsugba sida it isra sa baga. He put the fish in the coals. Abang ramo kaming bayon nak isra tong magkaligos ag, nagsugba kami it halos katonga it amo raya. We brought plenty of fish when we went swimming, and we broil almost half of what we brought. syn: ihaw.

suhot [súhot] 1.1vbt To go underneath; to go inside, through a small opening. Nagsuhot kag mananakaw sa irayom it bayay para magtago. The thief went underneath the house to hide. Ingsuhutan nako ikaw pagrangoy. I went through your legs when swimming. 1.2vt To go underneath to get, retrieve something. suotan Asuhuton nako ka tsinelas sa irayom it lamesa. I will go underneath the table to get the slippers. Nasuhutan kono kag kabade it mga itlog it linta kag nagkakaligos sida sa ragat. The eggs of leeches entered the woman while she was bathing in the ocean. [There are stories of women being impregnated when the eggs of either leeches, squid, etc. enter a woman’s womb and mutliply there. It is suspected that women are susceptible when bathing during menstruation.]

sukyob₂ [súkyob] 11.1v To wrap clothes around, over somebody (as of not being really dressed). saklob Nagsukyob yang si Ludy tong magkaligos sa bal-ong. Ludy just wrapped her clothes around her when she took a bath at the well. 22.1v To hook over something (as of something with a hole which can be hooked over a thing like an upright peg).
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