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kalikar [kalíkar] vt To turn over something (as of cooking, drying). halo
They turn over the rice which is being beaten.
syn: baliskar 2, patuwar, suli 2. (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something.)

baliskar₁ [balískar] 1v To do somersalts, cartwheels; to intentionally roll over, tumble (as of a child playing or doing gymnastics). (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, 4.2.6 - Entertainment, recreation.) 2v To invert, turn something over so it is back-to-front, inside-out, upside-down. Nagbaliskar kag anak sa hagran. The child tumbled down on the stairs. Ingbaliskar nida kag ida pagbutang it litrato. He inverted the placing of the picture. syn: patuwar, kalikar, suli 2. (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something.) 3vt To turn, break up the soil by the first plowing or digging the ground to break it up. (sem. domains: - Plow a field.)

patuwar [patuwár] vi To hang downwards, upside down. patuwad Ingpatuwar nida kag anak. He hung the child upside down. syn: baliskar 2, kalikar, suli 2.

suli [sulî] 1adj Wrong position, way round (as of shoes or other things); breech birth; backwards; upsidedown. suhi Nahirapan sida sa ida panganay pag anak dahil tong ida anak ay sulî. She had a hard time when her eldest child was born because he was in the wrong position. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence, - Unusual birth.) 2vt To invert; to turn upside down, inside-out, back-to-front. baliktad Asulion nako kag baro pagkatuyog. I’ll turn my clothes back-to-front when I go to sleep. Asulian ka nako’t punra. I’ll turn the pillow inside-out for you. syn: baliskar 2, patuwar, kalikar.