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kalma [kálma] adj Calm (as of weather and sea). MapaBoracay kami kung kalma kag panahon. We will go to Boracay if the weather is calm. (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.) der. kalmada

kalmada [kalmáda] (der. of kalma) adj Calm (as of weather, sea). payápà (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.)

sampugoy [sampúgoy] vt To stop something. hinto Ingsampugoy ni Hesus kag mga ragkong humbak ag nagkalma kag ragat. Jesus stopped the big waves and the sea calm down.

talimad-on [talimád-on] n Sign; omen (as in nature). tanda Kag bayangaw ay talimad-on nak makalma. A rainbow is a sign that it will be calm weather.