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kamusta [kamustá] 1v To greet somebody. Ikamusta nako kamo sa inra. I’ll greet them for you. Kamustahan kami sa inra. Greet them for us. (sem. domains: - Greet.) 2ques How are you feeling?; How are you? (as of a greeting). kamusta Kamusta ka imo pamilya? How is your family? (sem. domains: - Show hospitality, - Greet.) der. pangamusta

mauno₂ [má-uno] (der. of uno) ques 1What did you come for? kamusta Mauno kag mga Amerikana? What are Americans like? Mauno sida? How is she? (sem. domains: - Question words, 9.1.2 - Do.) 2How (is your health)? (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, - Question words.)

mauno₁ [maunó] (der. of uno) ques What is something like?; How is somebody, something? (similar to kamusta in some meanings).

pati₂ [patí] 1v To believe something is true and follow act on it. To pay attention and obey as of one's parents. (sem. domains: - Believe.) 1.1part Also; as well; up to, as far as; including something else as well. saka Imbakyan pati nida si Rosa it relo. He also bought Rosa a watch. Rungan pati sinra pa eskwelahan. They were together up to the school. Kamusta kamo pati ka imo mga anak? How are you including your children? Kamusta kamo raha pati ka inro mga anak? How are you there including your children? Sa Martes pati ay mapamutong kita sa amo. On Tuesday as well we’ll gather young coconuts, at our place. Mabuot ra pati sida. She’s also kind as well. Pati ida magúyang ay nagpa-Manila. Her parents also went to Manila. (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 22.1part Including somebody with others. Pati si Pedro ay ida ingbakyan it sayway. Including Peter with the ones she bought pants for. Kamusta kamo raha pati ka inro mga anak? How are you there including your children? (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 33.1part Nothing else. Gingyutoey nida ngasing kag suya agor wayaey kuno gador pati it pagyuto isag. She said she had already cooked the viand today so that she would not have to cook anything else later. id. yangey pati

ra₁ part Though; either; anyway; well…too (as of a concession to circumstances). din Gusto tan-a nako kag mansanas ay paunong waya ra. I would have liked some apples but what’s the use there weren’t any anyway. Kung ako nganat it ida akamustahon ay maado ra. If she asked you to ask how I am well that’s good too. S.Final in a reply.