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karera [karéra] 1n Race. (sem. domains: - Sports.) 2vi To race. pátulinán Nagpakarera kag mga jeep pa-Odiongan. The jeepneys went racing to Odiongan. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Move quickly.)

buko basta-basta [bukô basta-básta] (comp. of buko, basta-basta) adj 1Important; serious; hard to do (as of the negative way of saying something i.e. using "understatement" to imply the opposite meaning e.g. "not unimportant" really means "very important"). [lit: not do-carelessly] basta-basta Buko basta-basta kag mag-iba sa kina nak karera. It’s not that light to join in that race. (sem. domains: - Serious, - Value, - Work well.) 2Expensive; valuable; of great worth (as of the negative way of saying something i.e. using "understatement", to imply the opposite meaning e.g. "not cheap" really means "expensive"). (sem. domains: - Expensive, - Value.)

partisipar [partísipár] vi To participate in something. sumasali Permi sida nak nagpapartisipar sa karera it biseklita. He always participates in cycling. syn: yakot 1, iba 2, umir 3, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 1, halo 2.

pater [páter] 1sta To trip. Napater ako sa bato dahil maruyom. I tripped on the rock because it was dark. 2vt To trip somebody intentionally. patid Pinater sida it ida kalaban sa karera. He was tripped in the race by his opponent. Inpater nida kag anak agor indi makarayagan. He tripped the child so that he couldn’t run away.

pirde [pírde] 1sta To lose or be defeated. Napirde sida sa buyang. He lost in the cockfighting. 2vt To defeat somebody. tálo Sida kag nagpirde sa ako sa karera. She was the one who defeated me in the race.

premyo [prémyo] 1n Reward; prize (in a contest, race). (sem. domains: - Give, donate.) 2v To give a reward, prize; to receive a reward, prize. gantimpala, premyo Kag nagraog sa karera ay gingpremyuhan it usang tropeyo. The winner in the race was rewarded with a trophy. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)

rayagan₁ [rayágan] v 1To run, trot as a horse. Nagririnayagan kag tawo sa sunog tong nakarungog it bagting. The people ran to the fire when they heard the bell ringing. Pag pista, ingrarayaganan kaling karsada it mga anak sa karera. During fiesta, the children in the race run on this street. (sem. domains: - Animal movement.) 2To run off with something. tumakbó Ingtakma kag ako raya it iro bag-o ingrayagan. The dog snatched what I was carrying and then ran off with it. (sem. domains: - Escape.)

tuna [túnà] 1part Beginning at; since, from sometime onwards (as of beginning-post-span time, at some point in the past); starting from (a place). Mag-aaray sinra tuna alas otso. They’ll begin studying at eight o’clock. Tuna tong usang buyan ay perming nag-uyan. Since last month it has rained often. Nidog kag gingtunaan it amo pag-away. Our fight began over a coconut. Kag pakarera ay tuna sa Odiongan. The race starts from Odiongan. Tuna pa it katong Martes ay masakit sida. She has been sick since last Tuesday. Tuna pa it katong usang tuig sida it ka kapangrayaga sa imo. Since last year he has been the one courting you. syn: raginot 1.1. 2vbt To start something. simulâ Nagtuna sida’t trabaho tong Lunes. She started work last Monday. Atunaon nako sa primero kag pagbilang. I will start my counting from the beginning. Matuna ako’t paali insulip. I’ll start to come tomorrow. Niong oras matuna ka ato miting? What time will our meeting start? Atunaaney nako kag estorya. I’ll now begin the story.