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karma [kárma] v Evil backfires on the one wishing it on another. To be accursed when the evil one has done comes back on oneself. Retribution, payback. Buko gusto ni Jun nak sida ay makarma kada waya sida gipapangluko. Jun doesn’t want the evil to backfire on him so he doesn’t abuse anyone. (sem. domains: - Bad, immoral, - Blame, - Reputation.)

nobedad [nobedád] n A disaster that befalls somebody (as of a fire, sickness). karma Naubos kag inra kabuhayan dahil narayanan sinra it nobedad tong masunog kina tanan. Their belongings were all consumed when the disaster befell them the time when everything was burnt.

rama [ramá] v To be kept awake thinking about, aware of the presence of somebody who has just died (especially an enemy). dama, karma Ako ay ingrama tong magmuyat ako sa minatay. I was kept awake thinking the dead person was there when I looked at the laid out dead person.

sulay [suláy] vt To be cursed by God. karma Kahahadlok kung kag tawo ay asulayon it Dios dahil sa ida mayaing binuhatan. It’s a fearful thing when a person will be cursed by God because of his wicked deeds. Kada sida nabulag ay dahil ingsulay sida it Dios. He became blind because he was cursed by God.