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diskarne [diskárne] (der. of karne) vt To butcher, cut up meat after an animal has been slaughtered. diskarne Ingdiskarne nida kag baktin nak ibabaligya. He cut up the hogs meat which will be sold. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

karne [kárne] 1n A generic term for meat of all kinds. Dapat indi magpakakaon it karne kung ikaw ay mataas it rugo. It’s not advisable to eat meat if you have high blood pressure. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2v To butcher, cut up meat after an animal has been slaughtered. der. diskarne

karne norte n Corned beef. karne-norte (sem. domains: - Meal, 5.2 - Food, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, - Hoofed animals.)

karnero [karnéro] n Sheep. túpa (sem. domains: - Sheep.)

manog-alaga it karnero [manog-alágà it karnéro] irreg. infl. of manog-karnero

manog-karnero [manog-karnéro] (irreg. infl. manog-alaga it karnero) n A shepherd; one who minds sheep. pastol Si David ay usa sa pinakamaadong manog-karnero. David is one among the good shepherd.

asugi [asúgi] n 1Head of a match; matchhead. asugi Pagbasa kag asugi it posporo, pagsantik nimo ay indi girukot. When the heads of the matches are wet, when you strike them they don’t light. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 2Phosphorous (as on a matchhead). Kadali magduta kag niyagang karne kung abutangan it posporo nak di asugi. The tough meat easily softens when you put matchhead phosphorous in the broth. (sem. domains: 1.2.2 - Substance, matter.)

duta₂ [dutâ] 1adj Soft (as of food e.g. rice, meat, and the texture of objects e.g. pillows and wood). Maduta kag ida nabakay nak uyunan. The pillow that she bought was soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) 2vi To become soft (as of when food is cooked, especially with water added). malambot Nagduta kag inayaga nak karne. The boiled meat became soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar , der. maduta , der. paduta , der. pagkaduta , id. maduta it ilong , id. maduta it puso

habit [habít] n Tendon, sinew, gristle, cartilage. Mas ramo kag habit kisa unor it tong karneng ida nabakay. There are more sinews than meaty part in that meat which she has bought. (sem. domains: 1.6.2 - Parts of an animal.) der. habiton

habiton [habitón] (der. of habit) adj Tough, stringy, sinewy (as of the meat of old, skinny cows, pigs etc.). Indi ako magbakay it karne it baka nak asing pay habitoney ra kinang nabilin. I won’t buy the meat of that cow, as it seems as if what’s left is really tough. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, - Meat.)

hiknit [híknit] 1n Picking, untangling process of removing something attached, caught. (sem. domains: 7.4.3 - Get.) 2vbt To pick something out, off of something (as of lice from hair, flesh off bones for cooking); to remove something from where it is caught, attached; to untangle (as of fish from a net). bunot Ahikniton ninra kag isra sa pukot. They’ll untangle the fish that are tangled in the net. Inahiknit nida kag karne it manok nak pansiton. She picks the meat of the chicken off the bones to be used for making the pansit. syn: gabot 1, bugnot, hugnot 1, gabot 2, hugot 1, hugnot 3, guna, abri 1, bukar 1, bukâ 4, bukas 3, hugkot, bira 2, randa, balingling, gudor, kubra 1, udong, gunot, dordor 2. (sem. domains: - Growing vegetables, - Comb hair, - Choose.)

intik [íntik] 1adj Small, of pieces. syn: yasak. (sem. domains: 8.2.1 - Small.) 2vbt To chop up into small pieces. maliit Imo baga inintik kag karne? Did you chop the meat into small pieces? (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.)

istrok [istrók] v To have a stroke (as of a cerebral hemorrhage). atake Naistrok sida tong nagpakakaon it karne. He had a stroke when he was given meat to eat. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.4.2 - Weak.)

iwa [híwà] vt To slice (bread, cabbage, tomatoes, etc.). hiwa Inghiwa nida it sipoy kag karne. He sliced the meat with a knife. syn: piraso, idar, gilis. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.) say. hiwa

kaunan [kaunán] n 1Meal. kainan Pilang kaunan sa inro kag usang kilo nak karne? How many meals will one kilo of meat be for your family? (sem. domains: - Meal.) 2Place to eat; dining room. kumedór (sem. domains: - Meal, - Table.)

kaunor [kaunór] adj Meaty, fleshy part of meat. malaman Kaunor kag ako nabakay nak karne. I have bought a meaty piece of meat. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food, - Meat.)

lamad [lámad] n Slippery tissue connecting the skin of a bird to the organs (removed sometimes for cooking so it doesn’t smell ‘wild’). Dapat nak hugasan it maado kinang karne it manok para mabaoy kinang mga lamad.

maduta [madutâ] (der. of duta) adj Soft (texture); tender (as of meat). malambót Kag ako niyagang karne ay madutaey. The meat I boiled is already tender. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar

matugas₂ [matúgas] adj Tough; hard. matigás Kaling karne ay matugas. This meat is tough.

minudo [minúdo] n A dish made from pork, cubed and marinated in banana ketchup, garlic, onions. The pork is fried, and added to the fried spices with a little water and green peas, cubed potato carrots, and bell pepper. Sliced hot dog can be added just before serving. minudo Ida gingyuto nak minudo kag karne. She cooked the meat into this pork dish. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

pigi₁ [pígì] n Back leg of an animal (as of a cut of meat). pige Kung sida ay nagbabakay it karne pigi kag ida gingpipili. If she ever buys meat she would prefer the back leg of animal.

ragrag [rágrag] n A small axe ladze. palakol Si Pedro ay naggamit it ragrag nak panghiwa sa karne it baka. Pedro used a small axe to slice the meat of the butchered cow.

raguso₁ [ragúsò] v To shove, push hard against someone; squeeze through a crowd; to lunge at somebody to attack them and then hold onto them tightly. dumog It giragusoa ni Miloy tong tumpok it tawo para makaagaw yang it karneng baligya. Miloy squeezed through a crowd so as to avail of the meat sold. Aragusuon tan-a ni Berto tong ida kaaway ugaling ay nasaway sida ni Kardo. Berto was about to lunge at his enemy but Kardo fasified him. syn: sagil-ot. (sem. domains: - Push.)

sabang₁ [sabáng] part Might be; maybe. baka sakali, baka Mapauliey ako nak sabang inghahanapey ako sa amo. I’m going home now for they might be looking for me at home. Sabang indi ikaw makabakay it karne kung isag ka pa napa-merkado. You might not be able to buy meat if you go to the market later. sim: abat 1, sabaling.

sakripisyo [sakripísyo] vt To sacrifice oneself or something; to deny oneself something. sakripisyo Ingsakripisyo ni Abraham kag ida mataba ag puting karnero. Abraham sacrificed his fat, white sheep.
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