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indi magkaruntoy [indî magkarúntoy] adj To disagree with, not get on with a child, as of a parent and a child. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

karuntoy [karúntoy] vi To get on well with somebody. magkasundo Tong ruhang maghali ay indi magkaruntoy dahil sa inggitan. The two brothers won’t get on well with each other because of their envy of each other. syn: kasundo 1. (sem. domains: - Together, - Bad, immoral, - Worse, - Bad.)

kasundo [kasúndò] 1adj Agreable person; gets along well with people. syn: karuntoy. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.) 2vt To agree with somebody on something; to agree mutually. kasundo Akasunduan pa namo kag amo pitsa it paghalin pa-Manila. We’ll still agree on our date of departure for Manila. Nagkasundo-an sinra nak indi magpinanaw sa banwa. They agreed that they won’t keep on going around the town. Akasunduon nako si Trining nak imaw ka mahanra it meryenda. I’ll meet with Trining to make her agree that she’ll be the one to prepare the snack. Nagkasundo sinra nak marungan it eskwela sa Manila. They agreed mutually that they go together to the same school in Manila. (sem. domains: - Agree with someone.) der. kasunduan

mataas it ihi [matáas it íhì] (comp. of taas, ihi) adj Proud; haughty (as of from the idea of "aiming high" when a boy is urinating). [lit: high of urine] mayabang Indi sinra magkaruntoy dahil pareho ra sinrang mataas it ihi. They don’t agree with each other because they are both haughty. (sem. domains: - Proud.)

runtoy [rúntoy] v To be close, relate closely to relatives. magkaruntoy