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katipon [katípon] v To work together for free to move a whole house that has already been built; to voluntarily work together; group work. (sem. domains: - Working relationship, - Willing.)

musiko [músiko] n A brass band. musiko Kali sida ay nagkatiner it anak nak ka anak it katong sida pa ay nabubuhi ay nakatipon it “brass band” tong musiko nak imaw it naging bantog sa Probinsya’t Romblon. This man had a son and while the old man was still alive, the son formed a “brass band”, and known in the Province of Romblon.

tipon [típon] v 1To gather together, around somebody (as of a small group maybe 1-2 persons deep). ipon Naghalin sa synaguga ka mga Pariseo ag nagkatipon-tipon sinra kaibahan it mga partido ni Herodes agor maplano kung pauno ninra amatyon si Jesus. The Pharisees left the synagogue and met with Herod’s party to plan how they would kill Jesus. syn: puyon. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.) 2To collect; save; set aside or gather together. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.) 3To save money. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.)