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inataw-an it katungranan [inatáw-an it katungránan] saying - Convert to subentry To charge somebody with an obligation, duty. binigyan ng katungkulan Bawat miyembro it ida pamilya ay inataw-an it katungranan. Every member of the family was charged with an obligation. (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority, - Advise.)

katungkulan [katungkúlan] n Responsibility; position in office. katungkulan Karako kag katungkulan it ida nanay sa eskwelahan. Her mother has a lot of responsibility at school. syn: katungranan. (sem. domains: - Hortative.)

katungranan [katungránan] n Position of authority; office; responsibility (as in authority, work). responsibilidad Kinang tawong kina ay mataas kag ida katungranan dili sa banwang kali. That person holds a high position in this town. syn: katungkulan. (sem. domains: 4.5 - Authority, - Hortative.)