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kag tawo nak mahirap gipukawon ay kag tawo nak dat... [kag táwo nak mahírap gipukáwon ay kag tawo nak dát] say It’s hard to renew the interest of somebody who was previously interested but has let their interest wane (lit:‘the hardest person to awaken is the person who had woken up previously’ as of somebody who is immune to the importance of a known truth). ang taong mahirap gisingin ay ang taong dati ng gising (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Lose consciousness.)

kawo [kawó] n Head strap for basket; the strap on a thong, sandal or brassiere. kawad (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, - Rope, string.)

malip-ot it kawo [malíp-ot it kawó] adj Touchy; easily angered, narrow-minded person (lit. short head-strap). (sem. domains: - Angry.)

salamos kawo [salamós kawo] adj Disorganized, untidy as of a crowd, room, party, food, occation. (sem. domains: - Disorganized.)

salamuskawo [salamuskáwo] adj Disorganised events and places. wala sa ayos Kag inra palabas sa plasa ay abang salamuskawo. Their program at the plaza is very disorganised.

suyor₁ [suyór] 1loc Inside. loób (sem. domains: - Inside.) 2n Contents (as of what is in a container). (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put, 6.7.7 - Container.) 3v To enter; go in. Nagsuyor sida sa kwarto it waya’t pamuhon. He entered the room without permission. (sem. domains: - Inside.) 4vbt To put something into something; to take something inside. pumások Isuyor nako ka ako bag-ong bisiklita nak sabaling atakawon. I will take my new bike inside because it might be stolen. (sem. domains: - Inside.) comp. di suyor kag uyo , der. kasudlan , der. sudlanan

tiir [tíir] vbt To peer at something; to observe; to spy on a potential victim or object of theft. usísà, nanunubok Bag-o nida takawon tong manok, ida anay ingtiiran kag ingaapunan. Before he stole the chicken, he first spied where it roosts. Nakatiir sida sa mga maguyang kung pauno maging mayungot sa Dios. He observed his parents and how they became close to God. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, lantaw, munra. (sem. domains: 7.6 - Hide.) der. paniir , der. pinaniiran

ubos it matay [úbos it matáy] idiom - Convert to subentry Annihilate; massacre. Pagkatapos takawon kag mga gamit ay ing-ubos it matay pa it tong mananakaw katong magpamilya. After the theif robbed all the things he still massacred the entire family.