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kayakot [kayákot] n Participant; entrant. kasali Usa si Maricel sa mga kayakot sa “Miss Valentine”. Maricel is one of the participants in “Miss Valentine”. (sem. domains: - Represent, - Choose.)

iba₂ [ibá] 1n Other, another one. ibá (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 2adj Being the other, another. iba Tan-a ay makayakot sa ato tong iba. I hope the other ones will be able to join us. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 3v To change, vary, do something in another way. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 4n Different one. (sem. domains: - Different.) 5adj Different; other, another kind. (sem. domains: - Different.) 6v To change, do something different, strange or unnatural. (sem. domains: - Different, - Various.) comp. ag iba pa , der. iba-iba

oypot [óypot] v To shrink up small; to withdraw; to shrink, shy away from people (as of an octopus with-drawing, a man’s penis shrinks when near death, a child shys away from people). lumiit Kag anak ni Merry ay buko oypot dahil kada inggwa it programa ay kayakot. Merry’s child doesn’t shy away from people because evrytime there is a program she’s also a participant.