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kibot [kibót] 1sta To be startled. Nakibot sida pag-abot nako. He was startled when I arrived. (sem. domains: - Surprise, 5.7.3 - Wake up.) 2vt To startle somebody. bigla Akibuton nato si Ana sa kwarto. Let’s startle Ana in her room. syn: gulpi 1, it yang, antimano, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Surprise, 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

antimano [antimáno] adv Suddenly; immediately; unexpectedly; straight away. kapagdaka, biglâ Nakabati ako antimano pagkarungog it mga yupok it baril. I was suddenly awakened when I heard the gunshots. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, it yang, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Sudden.)

bigla [bíglà] 1adv Suddenly (as of without warning or notice). It kag sinra ay sa yaworey, bigla yang nak nagkusog ag kag inra sasakyan ay pay mapupun-aney it ragat. When they were out at sea already it suddenly became rough and their boat was almost filled with water. syn: gulpi 3. (sem. domains: - Immediately.) 2v To do something suddenly (as of without warning or notice). bigla Abiglaon nako kag ako estudyante it bisita sa inra bayay. I will visit my students at their house without notice. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, it yang, antimano. (sem. domains: - Immediately.)

gulpi [gúlpi] 1adv Suddenly. syn: kibot 2, it yang, antimano, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Immediately, - Quick, - Sudden, 8.4.8 - Speed.) 2vt To do something suddenly. biglaan Naggulpi sida it liwas pag-abot nako. She went out suddenly when I arrived. (sem. domains: - Immediately.) 3sta To get a shock; to be shocked. “Indi yang ikaw tung magulpihan dili sa amo ibabalita, ha? Ka imo anak rabuno ay gingbawianéy it kabuhi it ato nakaako.” “Don’t be startled at our news, ha, Uncle? your daughter’s life has been taken back by our creator.” syn: bigla 1. (sem. domains: - Shock.)

it yang [it yáng] part In a moment, split second; suddenly. basta nalang It yang tulay sida ag humalin it waya bubisaya. Suddenly, he just stood up and left without a word. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, antimano, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Immediately.)

amamayay [amamayáy] n Snake species, which is a small snake that will live in the roof of houses or under the fireplace shelf. Tuytuga nang lata para makibot tong amamayay ag indi gi kaonon kag buyan. You strike the can so the dragon can hear and won’t eat the moon. syn: bakunawa. (sem. domains: - Snake.)

langkob [lángkob] 1vi To slam shut with force (as of a door). Naglangkob kag hagran. The door slammed shut. 2vt To slam a door shut. ibagsak Ato alangkubon kag hagran agor makikibot sinra. We wil slam the door so that they will be frightened.

uslop [uslóp] vi To go, sink slowly downwards into something; to grow downwards (as of plants which remain small or grow down into the ground); to hole down. pumapailalim Naguuslop kag uyo it bao kung nakikibot. The turtle’s head moved downward when frieghtened.