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kida [kidá] v To deduct all at one time. bawas Waya sida it nabaton sa sweldo dahil ingkida nak raan it tindera kag badar sa ida utang. He did not receive any of his wage because the storekeeper deducted the payment for his debt. (sem. domains: - Repay debt, - Owe.)

kidakida [kidákida] n Pit of the stomach; gut level reaction when afraid, get a fright. (sem. domains: - Stomach.)

kidamot [kidámot] n All digits; fingers and toes (as of all digits on hands and feet). daliri Nabali kag kidamot ni Kris sa pag-idamo it basketbol. Kris’s finger was dislocated when he played basketball. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

kidaw [kídaw] n A small, yellow bird. kilyaw Abang tabaey tong amo alagang kidaw sa bayay. Our small yellow bird at home is very fat. (sem. domains: - Small animals, - Bird.)

lihis it kida-kida [lihís it kida-kidá] idiom - Convert to subentry Method of family planning where one is massaged, pressed near the navel and later gets thin and coughs. It can be reversed by massage also (lit:“dislodge-from-target near-navel”). wala sa lugar Kung lihis it kida-kida kag usang kabadi ay indi mag-anak. If a woman has massage around the navel she won’t get pregnant. [A child can’t sleep, doesn’t eat well, cries a lot, stays thin. a method of family planning.]

nagpatadlong kag lihis nak kida-kida [nagpatádlong kag líhis nak kida-kidá] v To straighten a point near-navel (as of a point massaged to heal sicknesses in children or a means of undoing family planning methods). itutuwid ang kanyang kida-kida Ingraya ni Dodoy tong ida anak sa manghihilot para ipatadlong kag lihis nak kida-kida. Dodoy had brought his child to the masseur to straighten the point near the navel and heal him.

nagyukso kag ak' kidakida [nagyúkso kag ak kidakidá] PH My stomach was in my mouth (lit. the pit of my stomach jumped), as of fright, anxiety, going over a bad bump in the road. (sem. domains: 9.4.1 - Tense and aspect.)

nalihis kag kidakida [nalíhis kag kidakidá] n Twisted gut, intestines as of emotional center of fear in the pit of one's stomach, moves. It is calmed by spiritual massage person (manughilot). (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

pakidas [pakídas] v To scrape-off, removed. ipatanggal Ipakidas nako tong ayong it anak dahil nagrarako ag mahapros ra. I will have the mole of the child removed because it’s growing bigger and aching.