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kiling₂ [kíling] 1vi To lean to one side; to be lopsided; to rock, roll, tip from side-to-side as of a boat. hilig Nagkiling kag bayay tong natumbahan it nidog. The house leaned to one side when the coconut fell on it. Nagkiling-kiling kag batil pag nag-aandar. The boat tips from side to side when it starts to move. Nagkiniling tong mga pangarga ni Banlam dahil waya nakamada’t maado. Banlam’s cargoes rolled from side-to-side because they were not stacked up properly. syn: linggi. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vbt To side with somebody; to favor somebody over others; to be biased; to be partial towards. kilingan, kampihan Ingkilingan nida kag ida amigo tong di anay buko ka ida hali. He sided with his friend And not with his relative when there was a fight. syn: kampi, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Prefer.)

apin [ápin] (dial. var. ampin) 1adj Allied with, to somebody (as of being on the same side or involved in the same cause). (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 2vbt To side with, take the side of somebody; to favor, ally oneself with; to defend somebody (in fight, game, competition or legal court). kampi Ako ay maapin ruto sa ‘unit one’. I will back the ones there in the first team. Nainukawan kag mga tawo sa inra pag-apin. The people were shouting for the side they were backing. Ing-aapinan ni Jesus kag mga Kristiyano pag inaataki it mga kaaway. Jesus defends Christians when they are attacked by enemies. syn: kampi, kiling 2. (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 3adj Defending (as personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) 4v To defend a person (as of personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) der. kaapin , der. manugapin

kampi [kámpi] vbt To take somebody’s side; to side with somebody; to be for somebody; to back somebody. kampi Ingkampihan nida kag ida manghor tong makaranó it away. He sided with his younger brother when he got into a fight. syn: kiling 2, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, 2.3.1 - See, - Witness, testify.)

linggi [linggí] n A two to four man fishing net dropped from a boat. [It is used nearer in to shore than the larger net (pukot). This is also a type of “pukot”.] syn: kiling 1.