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kitsi [kítsi] n 1Bottle top. tansan Ingtipon nida tong mga kitsi para itakyob sa ibang boti. He collected bottle tops to put on the other bottles. 2Game with bottle tops on string. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pi-pi [pí-pì] 11.1adj Beaten flat; flattened (as of beaten metal). 1.2vbt To beat metal flat. pípì Apipi-an ka nako’t mga kitsi nak humanong pangkiling-kiling. I’ll beat flat the bottle tops for you to use in the tamborine. syn: timi 1, timi 3, yupi. 22.1v To beat the adam’s apple of a chicken prior to cutting the throat when slaughtering it (as this flattens the blood vessels and the blood draws away from the neck and stops it spurting out when cut). Pi-pia anay kinang liog it manok bag-o yuyuon. Beat the neck of the chicken before slitting it’s throat. 33.1vt To pat somebody lightly, gently on the body (as when putting a child to sleep). Para magkatuyog kag anak ida kali impi-pi sa igot. To put the child to sleep, she patted him lightly on the bottom. syn: pikpik, ragpak 1.