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kumpo [kúmpo] adj Court, closed toed shoes with low heels (of cloth with strap over foot). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)

kumporme [kumpórme/kumpúrmi] 1adv In accordance, conformity, agreement with or dependence on something. dependi Mabulig ako sa imo kumpurmi sa ako bakanting oras. I will help you depending on my free time. (sem. domains: - Same, 4.1.5 - Unity.) 2excl Like you said!; agreed!. (sem. domains: - Same, 4.1.5 - Unity.) 3v To conform, agree with something. (sem. domains: - Same, 4.1.5 - Unity.) comp. kumporme sa

kumporme sa [kumpórme sa/kumpúrmi sa] (dial. var. ayon sa) (comp. of kumporme, sa) rel According to; in conformity, agreement with; depending on (something). (sem. domains: - Same, 4.1.5 - Unity, - Evaluator.)

kumpuso [kumpúso] 1n Folk song. (sem. domains: 4.2.3 - Music.) 2v To compose a folk song. katutúbong áwit Abang ayo sida magkumposo it kanta. He’s very good in composing a folk song. (sem. domains: - Compose music.)