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kunduktor [kundúktor] n A person who collects fare in public transport. (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Railroad, - Travel by land.)

lantar [lántar] n Apron pouch, mostly for money (as on the front of a conductor’s shopkeeper’s belt, apron; perhaps for clothes pins). Katong kundúktor it dyip ay igwa’t lantar. That jeep conductor has a money pouch on his belt. Nakalimutan nako magraya it lantaran papagto sa barko para magtinra it coke. I forgot to take the apron with the money pouch when going to the ship to sell coke.

rugang [rúgang] 1vbt To increase an amount; to add to something. magdagdág Nagrugang kag nanay it donasyon sa eskwelahan. The mother added a donation to the school. Arugangan nako it usa pang gantang kag ako binakay nak bugas. I’ll add one more gantang of rice to what I am buying. syn: abuno 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Earn.) 2n Surcharge. Naghagar it rugang sa pamasahe kag kunduktor it dyip. The conductor of the jeep asked for a surcharge to the fare.