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kuntratista [kuntratísta] n Contractor in construction work. (sem. domains: 6 - Work and occupation.)

kuntrata [kuntráta] irreg. infl. of kontrata

kuntra [kúntra] 1adj Against something; opposing; blocking; preventing; disagrees with one’s body; dislike something; antidote (as of personal preference or action, or the bad effects of medicine etc). kuntra Abang kuntrang gador ako sa ida yawas dahil buko angay sida magraya. I really dislike to look of his body because it doesn’t suit him to look like that. Abang kuntrang gador akong manugang ka. I am very much against your being my son-in-law. 2v To contradict; to go against somebody; to oppose somebody. Ingpakuntra nida tong paghuman it tulay sa baybay. He really was against making of bridge in the seashore. der. panguntra

kontrata [kontráta] (irreg. infl. kuntrata) n Contract, agreement (as of an official written, unwritten legal agreement). kontrata Ruhang tuig yang kag ida ingpirmahan nak kontrata sa Saudi. He had just signed a two-year contract to Saudi. (sem. domains: - Agree to do something, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.)

kuntrabida [kúntrabida] n Someone who contradicts. kontrabida Kag ako lola kag kuntrabida sa ako plano nak mag-abrod. My grandmother is the one who contradicts my plans for going abroad.