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kupos [kupós] 11.1vi To wither (as of plants). lanta Nagkupos kag tanom tong waya mabunyagi it ruhang adlaw. The plant withered when it wasn’t watered for two days. syn: yadong, yada 2. 22.1vi To become deflated as of ballons, balls or the tube of a tire. Nagkupos kag ida lobo dahil nabuhos. Her ballon became deflated because it got holes in it. 2.2vi To deflate something. Ida ingpakupos kag bola agur indi magamit it iba. He deflated the ball so that others couldn’t use it. 33.1vi To shrink in embarrassment/humiliation; to become shy. Nagkupos ako sa kahuda tong ida ako murahon sa karamuan. I shrunk in humiliation when she scolded me in the public.

yada₁ [yádà] 1adj Dried up (as of parts of plants). 2vi To become dry, wither specifically of parts of plants. tuyo Nagyada kag mga rahon it buyak tong tig-sisilak. The leaves of the flowers became dried during the hot season. syn: kupos 1.1, yadong.

yadong [yadóng] vi To close up at night; to wither wilt because of lack of water; (said of flowers or plants). nalanta Nagyadong kag mga buyak dahil nalimot ako magbunyag. The flowers wilted beacause I forgot to water them. syn: kupos 1.1, yada 2.

buswang [búswang] v 1To have a sore burst (as of a boil, swollen part of the body). pisa Pagkabuswang it hubag sa ida liog, wayaey it hapros. When the boil on his neck burst, there was no more pain. syn: busri 1. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 2To intentionally burst, squeeze, lance a sore (as of a boil, swollen part of the body). Kag ida ingpabuswang kag hubag, nagliwas kag nana ag pagkatapos ay nagkupos. When he burst the boil, pus gushed out and then the swelling went down. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening, 7.8.3 - Cut.)