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kung sin-o kag unang nagkutak imaw kag nagitlog [kung sín-o kag únang nagkútak imaw kag nagitlóg] say Whoever is first to question, deny doing something is the one who did the wrong (lit. whoever the first hen to call-out is the one who laid the egg) as of the reaction of a child when challenged. (sem. domains: - Contradict.)

kutak [kuták] 1adj Clucking of hen before laying eggs; to cackle after a hen lays an egg. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2vi To cluck before laying eggs. kotak Nagkukutak kag ato manok bag-o mag-itlog. Our hen is clucking before she lays her egg. Ayam nakong nag-itlogey kag guyang nak nagkutakey sida. I know that the hen has laid her egg because she just cackled.