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laban-labanan [labán-labanán] (der. of laban) n Contest.

labanan [labanán] (der. of laban) n Fight. syn: sabat 4.

sabat [sabát] 1n An answer to something. Syn: angal. (sem. domains: - Answer.) 2adj Answering person; answers back; talks back. sagot (sem. domains: - Answer.) 3vt To answer; to respond. Waya gisasabat katong anak sa ako dahil nahuda. That child doesn’t answer me because he’s ashamed. Mapangutana ako ag sabaton ninro. I’ll ask a question and you answer it. Aya gisabat sa imo nanay! Don’t talk back to your mother! (sem. domains: - Speak with others.) 4adj Talking back to one’s elders; keep answering back, talking; insolent. sagot Masabat kag ida anak sa eskwela kada permi nabibisar-an it maestra. In school his child keeps on talking back to his teacher so he’s always scolded. syn: labanan. (sem. domains: - Answer.) der. masabat , der. panabat , der. panabat , der. sabtanan

kuliyot [kulíyot] n Last, lowest score; booby prize (as in a game, competition). huli Sida ay pangkuliyot sa labanan it chess. He was last in the chess competition. (sem. domains: - Last, - End.)

laban [lában] 1vbt To challenge or compete against in a fight or contest; to oppose. laban Inglabanan it mga pulis kag inra kaaway. The policemen fought against their enemies. Akalabánon nako katong kabadeng kandidata sa inra partido. I’ll oppose that woman candidate in their party. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Hinder.) 2vt To enter something in a contest. Ilaban nako kaling ako putahe sa laban-labanan it pagyuto. I’ll enter this recipe of mine in the cooking contest. (sem. domains: - Sports.) comp. dapat magraog sa parehas nak laban , comp. laban sa buot , der. laban-labanan , der. labanan

paniluko [panilukó] v To mock somebody; to play mocking games; to treat in a mocking way; to play practical jokes on somebody. magpula Aya gipaniluko sa isigkatawo agor indi ka gilabanan. Don’t mock your neighbor so that they won’t get angry with you.

tses [tsés] n Game of chess. tses Si Poncing ay nag-iba sa laban-labanan it tses sa banwa. Poncing joined in the chess competition in town.