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kalawang [kaláwang ] n Rust. kalawang Puno it kalawang tong plantsa. The flatiron is full of rust. (sem. domains: - Metal, - Rust.)

kalit [kalít] vt To do something for a short time (by comparison with other activities). saglit Ako anay akaliton tong labahan habang katuyog pa kag mga anak. I’ll do the washing of clothes in a short time while the kids are sleeping. Akalitan nako’t plantsa kag mga yamit ngasing nak hapon. I’ll do the ironing of the clothes within a short time this afternoon. Nagkalit ako’t pabanwa bag-o mag-uyan. Before it rain, I went to town for awhile. (sem. domains: - A short time.)

kaon [ká-on] 1vi To eat. Nakakaoney baga kamo? Have you already eaten? Makaoney kita! Let’s eat! (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 2vt To eat something. kain Akaunon nato kaling kapada insulip pag hinogey. We’ll eat this papaya tomorrow when it’s ripe. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 3vi To cause somebody to eat, i.e., to feed somebody; to give or serve somebody food. Ingpakaon kag anak ni Nanay bag-o pakatuyogon The child was fed by mother before being put to sleep. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 4v To make a winning move that allows one to remove the opponent's piece in a game. (sem. domains: - Game.) 5vt To consume by fire; to be burnt up completely; to burn a hole in something; to damage (as of fire or the heat in an iron burning something by consuming, burning). Ingkaon it plantsa kag ida baro. Her blouse was damaged by the iron. Rako’t kaon it koriyente kag aircon. The aircon consumes a lot of electricity. Kag ida buyak ay ingkaon it kayado. His flowers were burnt up by the fire. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.) 6v To consume, use a lot of electricity. Kag plantsa ay pinaka marako it kaon it kuriyente kada dapat ay uling yangey kag gamiton. The iron uses the most electricity so we must just use the charcoal one. (sem. domains: - Use up.) 7v Take, haul in (as of a catch of fish). Ay nakaonan ray kami’t beynte otso bilog ray uli. Then we took in twenty-eight more fish the next time. (sem. domains: - Fish with net.) 8v To eat people’s spirits especially of a witch which causes sickness or death. Gingkaon kono it aswang katong ida anak kada namatay it waya sa oras. They say her child was eaten by a witch and therefore died unexpectedly. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.) comp. ingkaon it bakunawa , der. mansigkaon , id. usang kaunan

lantsa [lántsa] n Big fishing boat. lántsa (sem. domains: - Fishing equipment.)

malinas [malínas] adj Smooth. makínis Malinas kag ida pinalantsang yamit. Her ironed clothes are smooth.

mayuko [mayúkò] adj To become creased, crushed, crinkled, wrinkled clothes. gusot Aya giingkuri kinang pinalantsang mga baro sabaling mayuko. Don’t sit on the iron clothes or they might get creased.

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsahán] id Aging,growing old ironing. (idiom) as of a lifetime occupation. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsáhan] id Aging, growing old in ironing, as of a life time occupation. (sem. domains: - Work hard.)

pamalantsa [pamalántsa] (irreg. infl. pamalansa) v To iron clothes. namalantsa Bag-o magpauli si Norma ay nagpamalantsa anay sida. Before Norma goes home she first irons the clothes.

pangimay [pangímay] v To feel numb; to lose the feeling in a limb. namamanhid Nagpapangimay kag damot ni Norma pag nagpaplantsa ay mahudot it tubi. Norma’s hands feel numb if she iron’s clothes and then puts them in water.

plantsa₁ [plántsa] v To level, scuffle wet ploughed land in preparation for planting. patag Dapat ay maplantsa anay kag lanas bag-o magtanom. First the wet rice field must be leveled then planted.

plantsa₂ [plántsa] 1n Flat iron. 2vt To iron clothes. plántsa Nagplantsaey ikaw? Have you already ironed the clothes? id. kabayo nak planstsahan

plantsadoy [plantsádoy] adj Already organized, in place, as of many things or events fitting together. (sem. domains: 7.5.5 - Organize.)

prinsa [prínsa] n An old style charcoal iron. prinsa Kag mga Bantoanon ay naggagamit pa it prinsa sa pagplantsa. Bantoanons still use old style charcoal iron for ironing clothes. [Had a long handle like a saucepan, with a flat based open container for burning charcoal.]

rikin [rikín] n Stand, pad for hot things (as of metal, rubber, thick cloth, woven cane rings or stands used for saucepans or irons). kalan Gamita kinang ato rikin para indi masunog kag ato sayog it plantsa. Use that stand so the iron won’t set fire to the floor. Kag mga iro ay inghumang idamuan tong rikin. The dogs used the rubber ring as a plaything. syn: sig-ang.

sami [samî] v To splash water on something. Tong manogplantsa ay nagpangsamo anay it mga plantsahon bag-o magtuna. The woman who will iron splash water on the clothes to be ironed before starting.

samo [sámò] vbt To moisten rice with a liquid (soup, soy sauce); to sprinkle something with water to moisten or soften something. basa Asamuan anay nako kag inalmedoran nak mga punra bag-o plantsahon. I’ll sprinkle the starched pillow cases with water before ironing it. Asamuan nako’t sabaw kag ako kan-on. I’ll moisten my rice with soup. Waya sida gisamo it tuyo sa kan-on. She didn’t moisten her rice with soy sauce. syn: sabyag, sablig. (sem. domains: 1.3.3 - Wet.)

sobsob₂ [sóbsob] 11.1adj Bent forwards; down in front. 1.2vi To be bent forwards; to be too heavy in front (as of old person bending over, a boat overloaded at the front, or sinking prow first). Nagsusobsob kag maguyang. The old person is bending forwards. Nagsusobsob kag lantsa dahil puno-puno hampig sa pruwa. The launch is down in front because the prow is too full. 1.3vbt To fall forwards, head first Asobsoban kag semento it yango. The drunk man fell forwards onto the cement. Nagsusobsob kag yango. The drunk man is falling forwards. 22.1n Absorbed; concentrating. 2.2vi To concentrate hard; to be too absorbed in a task; to be serious, intent about something. sobsob Nagsusobsob sida adlaw ag gab-i sa ida trabaho. She concentrates hard on her work day and night. syn: minatuor, ungor-ungor 1, seryuso.

yamay₁ [yámay] n Dried leaves of a banana plant. Kada sida nagpamalantsa ay nagamit sida it yamay. She uses dried leaves of a banana plant everytime she irons the clothes.