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alisto [alísto] (der. of listo) 1adj Always prepared, ready. Permi sida nak alisto magkanta sa simbahan. She’s always prepared to sing in church. Syn: listo 1. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) 2v To prepare; to get something ready. handa Nag-alisto ako it merienda sa inro pero waya kamo girayan. I prepared merienda for you but you didn’t come by. Listuha kag imo raya nak mahaliney kita. Get your things ready, we’re going to leave now. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.)

but-anan [but-ánan] (der. of buot) 1adj Alert, aware, having recognition of people, sense, intelligence and personality (as of unexpectedly intelligent responses by normally immature, unintelligent beings like babies, children and animals). maybait Kag ida tatlong buyan pa yang nak lapsag ay but-ananey. Her three month old baby is already alert. syn: listo 1. (sem. domains: - Attention, - Alert.) 2id Being powerful; going on it's own; having a mind, will of it's own (as of an object or machine). parang may isip Abang but-anan baga tong inra uning ag iro. Their cat and dog seem to have minds of their own. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 6.7.9 - Machine.)

listo [lísto] adj 1Alert; smart. listo, laging handa Marali tudluan kag listo nak anak. It’s easy to teach a smart child. Listo sida sa pagpanimati sa maestra. She’s alert at listening to the teacher. Syn: alisto 1; syn: but-anan 1. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) 2To prepare; to get something ready. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) der. alisto

liston₁ [listón] n The water line of a boat. kasko

liston₂ [líston] 1n Shoelace. 2vt To put a shoelace on a shoe or tie a shoelace. táli ng sapátos Alistonan nako tong sapatos nida. I’ll put a shoelace on his shoes.

mainamanon [mainamánon] adj Always ready beforehand. laging handa, listo, hindi nawawalan, maagap Aber katong binata pa ra sida ay mainamanon sida sa paglimpyo it lanas. Even when he was still a bachelor he was always had his ricefield cleaned and ready early.

salibo [salíbo] vbt To throw water on a fire, a person, etc; to put out a fire with water. salibo Ingsalibuhan nida’t mayamig nak tubi kag mga nag-aaway nak iro. He threw cold water on the dogs who were fighting. Listo sida nak magsalibo kung marayab kag kayado ruto sa irayom it tapahan. She’s ready to throw water on the fire under the copra oven if the fire flares up.