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litson [litsón] 1n Roast pig, chicken, duck or turkey. (sem. domains: - Food from animals.) 2vbt To roast on spit (as of pig, chicken, duck, turkey etc). maglitsón Alitsunon nako tong usang manok sa Sabado. I’ll roast one chicken on Saturday. (sem. domains: - Food from animals.) der. litsunon

litson-kawali [litsón-kawáli] n Pork that has previously been boiled in water ready for roasting. (sem. domains: - Meat.)

pedido [pedído] v To accept, take orders for some item (as of the litson of pig, etc.). Mapedido anay ako bag-o ihawon kag amo baktin. I will take orders for it before I’ll butcher our pig.

tuhog₃ [túhog] v 1To string flowers, beads, fish, etc. together on a string. tuhog Ingpangtuhog ninra kag mga sampagita para isab-it sa mga magradwar. They strung the sampaguitas to put it on those who’ll graduate. (sem. domains: 7.5.1 - Gather.) 2To pierce, place a spike, stick through a whole animal from head to tail ready to roast on a spit (litson). (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

hawhaw₂ [háwhaw] vi To crave a certain type of food. Inahawhawan ako it litson. I feel a craving for fried chicken. (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, - Lust, 3.3 - Want, - Like, love.)

lutong [lutóng] adj Crisp. Abang lutong kag anit it litson pag bag-ong yuto. The skin of that lechon is very crisp if its newly cooked.

numbra [númbra] v To assign, appoint, ask somebody to do something. napili Si Mayor ay nanumbrahan magbaligya it litson tong koronasyon. Mayor was assigned to sell the lechon during the coronation.

paksiw₁ [paksíw] v To pickle in vinegar. paksiw Tong litson nina Roy ay ingpaksiw it ida nanay nak waya naubos. The lechon of Roy was pickled in vinegar by his mother because it was not all eaten.

suy-am [suy-ám] 1adj Fatty foods; rich foods. Waya nako gusto’t masuy-am nak pagkaon. I don’t like fatty foods. syn: yuar 2. 2vi To feel nauseated from eating fatty or rich foods. Nasusuy-aman ako it litson. I’m feeling nauseated from eating the litson.