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balis₂ [bális] 1n Sickness, paleness and vomiting in babies effected by evil effect or power passed through a person's greeting (as of an evil effect that originates from evil spirits but which may be passed on to people who are unaware of its presence until it reaches a child). Ako ay ingga it balis tong naglipas nak tuig pero ngasing ay maadoy ra. I used to get headaches between sunrise and sunset last year but now I’m better. [This is thought to be passed on to a child by somebody greeting búgno them with praise or admiration. The evil effect is called usóg. To prevent or counteract this púyra usóg a mother will ask the person "so greeting" the child to wipe some of their saliva yáway on the baby's stomach. The evil influence which originates with evil spirits is passed on to people when the spirits "greet" a person, who in turn then can pass on such influence to a baby through verbal "greetings". The only way this evil influence is recognized is when a mother sees her child get sick and searches in her mind for where or who caused this. So if a mother believes in this she will ask any person who greets her child with admiration to wipe their saliva on the baby's stomach.] (sem. domains: - Pain, 2.5.1 - Sick.) 2v To get sick, pale and vomit effected by evil influence or power (as of babies when infected by greetings of people who have been infected by others, who at some time have been bewitched i.e. usóg "greeted" by evil spirits). (sem. domains: - Pain.)

lagay₁ [lágay] n Condition; situation. Maadoy ra kag lagay it tong nabuno. The stabbed person is now in a good condition.

likaw₂ [líkaw] v To detour, sidetrack to avoid something; to avoid. lihis Maadoy naglikaw tong trak waya sinra nabangga sa pader. Its good the track detoured so they didn’t bump into the wall.

maadoy [ma-ádoy] (der. of ado) adj Healed; recovered. magalíng na, mabuti na Kag ugar ni Brandy ay maadoy gador kada waya sida gititibaw. Brandy’s wound is already healed so he is not crying anymore. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.)

maisog it kurason [maísog it kurasón] idiom - Convert to subentry Inner strength in the face of fear, danger (lit: brave heart). malakas ang loob Maadoy maisog it kurason kag ida nanay nak naglaban ruto sa nagpanakaw sa inra. Its good that his mother has inner strength in face of fear to fight against those who robed them.

matuor [matúor] 11.1adj True; right. totoó Matuor kag ako siling sa imo. What I told you is right. 1.2v To establish the truth. 1.3vt To prove; to give evidence Parayan sa pag-ado sa mga masakit gingpamatuoran ni Jesus nak gamhanan sida. By means of healing the sick, Jesus proved that he was powerful. 1.4n Testimony. 1.5vt To be a testimony; to give evidence to something; to prove something. Ag parayan it imo halar ay mapapamatuoran it mga tawo nak ikaw ay maadoy. And by means of your offering it will be proven to the people that you are well. Ingpamatuoran ninra nak si Tony ka nagpapatay kang Boy. They proved that Tony was the one who had Boy killed. 22.1v To intentionally do something; to take something seriously. Ida gani gingmatuor tong ako gingsiling maglayas hali sa amo bayay. He really took it seriously when I told him to get out of our house. syn: hungor 1. comp. magbisaya it matuor , id. matuor baga

sumpi [sumpî] adj Blunt point. mapurol Maadoy, sumpo tong ida balisong ay waya sida naugari. Its good his folding knife has a blunt point that’s why he got no bruise.

tiko₂ [tikô] 1v To bend a joint. Crooked, bent thing. nabali Siling it tong manoghilot ay tikoa baga kag imo braso kung maadoy. The masseur said you bend your joint if your arm is well. (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down.) 2n Dishonest untrustworthy person. (sem. domains: - Dishonest.)