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kung kag tawo ay mabuot sa irayom kag rukot [kung kag tawo ay mabuót sa irayom kag rukot] say

mabuot [mabú-ot] (der. of buot) adj 1Kind; gentle; nice; good; polite (as of someone with all the good character and personality qualities. It is also said of God). mabait Kag mga tawo kuno sa Bantoon ay mga mabuot. They said that the people in Bantoon are kind and hospitable. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to, 4.9.1 - God.) 2Alert; responsive; good; happy; well behaved (as of a contented baby). (sem. domains: - Baby.) 3Sensible, polite, responsible, mature for one's age (as of a well behaved child). (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) 4Tame, quiet (as of animals that won't bite, charge somebody). (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)

amo dungganon nak Ginoo [ámò dunggánon nak Ginóo] (comp. of dungganon, ginoo) exp Our majestic, distinguished, noble, excellent, honorable Lord; your highness, majesty, excellency (as of a title for a king or God). [term of address] aming Kagalanggalang na Hari Kag amo dungganon nak Hari ay makusog ag mabuot ra. Our Majestic King is strong and kind too. (sem. domains: 4.6.1 - Ruler, 4.9.1 - God, - Title, name of honor.)

baga₁ [bagá] 1part Question; is it so?; is that the one? (as of an action, person, time, place etc). [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Naglargay baga si Ann? Has Ann left already? Mabuot baga kag imo maestra? Is your teacher nice? Sida baga kag nagraog nak Miss Odiongan? Is she the one who won Miss Odiongan? Riin baga ikaw naghalin? Where was it you came from? syn: no, baga 2. (sem. domains: - Question words.) 2part Sf Tag question; isn’t it? kaya NagpaMaynila sinra baga? They went to Manila didn’t they? syn: no, baga 1. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 3part In my opinion; I think; what I mean is. [moveable particle] Kaado baga tong baro nak imo ingsoksok it kag Lunes. I think the dress you wore on Monday was nice. Katong puya baga! I mean that red one! (sem. domains: - Think about.) 4part Please won’t you; Come on! (as of applying polite social pressure or request). [moveable particle] Hipos baga kamo raha! You there, please bequiet! (sem. domains: 4.3.7 - Polite, 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) comp. bali baga , id. matuor baga

kapitan₂ [kapitán] n Captain. Mabuot katong kapitan kada buko abusado tong inra mga sundalo. Their captain is kind that’s why his soldiers are not abusive. (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority, - Politics, - Lead.) comp. barangay kapitan

maadong pagtudlo [maádong pagtúdlò] adj Good teaching. mabuting turo Naging mabuot nak mga anak sinra dahil sa maadong pagtudlo ag paglaygay it inra maguyang. They became good children because of the good teaching and advices of their parents.

paghidait [paghidáit] n Peace as of a place or in one’s relationships. pagmamahal Kag mga tawo hali sa isla it Tablas ay igwa it paghidait dahil mabuot kag mga tawo ag waya gi-iinaway. The people here on the island of Tablas have peace because the people are kind and don’t fight.

pagkatawo ni Cristo [pagkatáwo ni Crísto] n Nature of Christ; humanity of Christ. pagkatao ni Cristo Kag pagkatawo ni Cristo ay mapinalanggaon ag mabuot. The nature of Christ is loving and kind.

pala₂ [pálà] vt To be blessed (i.e. with something from God). pála‘ Ingpala sinra it ruhang anak nak mabuot. They were blessed with two kind children.

pati₂ [patí] 1v To believe something is true and follow act on it. To pay attention and obey as of one's parents. (sem. domains: - Believe.) 1.1part Also; as well; up to, as far as; including something else as well. saka Imbakyan pati nida si Rosa it relo. He also bought Rosa a watch. Rungan pati sinra pa eskwelahan. They were together up to the school. Kamusta kamo pati ka imo mga anak? How are you including your children? Kamusta kamo raha pati ka inro mga anak? How are you there including your children? Sa Martes pati ay mapamutong kita sa amo. On Tuesday as well we’ll gather young coconuts, at our place. Mabuot ra pati sida. She’s also kind as well. Pati ida magúyang ay nagpa-Manila. Her parents also went to Manila. (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 22.1part Including somebody with others. Pati si Pedro ay ida ingbakyan it sayway. Including Peter with the ones she bought pants for. Kamusta kamo raha pati ka inro mga anak? How are you there including your children? (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 33.1part Nothing else. Gingyutoey nida ngasing kag suya agor wayaey kuno gador pati it pagyuto isag. She said she had already cooked the viand today so that she would not have to cook anything else later. id. yangey pati

ra₂ 11.1part Also; as well; too. din Nagtatrabaho ngani ra kuno kamo ruto. They say it’s true that you’re working there too. Nagkakanta ra si Carmen. Carmen is also singing. Buko ra ikaw mabuyungon. You aren’t homesick too. Pulos ra sinra maayam magkanta. All of them too know how to sing. Kag ida ra nabilin nak suyat ay ruha. She also left behind two letters. Mauma ako sa ida ag pati ra tan-a sa ida Nanay. I will tell her and supposedly should include her mother also. 22.1part Not yet either; not…though. Buko pa ra kato kag ato asakyan. Our ride isn’t here yet either. 33.1part Fairly; moderately; quite. Mabuot ra sida. She’s quite kind. 44.1part Come on! (as of social pressure). 55.1part Still kept on (as of skepticism). comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. buko man ra