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mabuyungon [mabuyungón] (der. of buyong) adj Easily becomes homesick, lonely. (sem. domains: - Lonely.)

ra₂ 11.1part Also; as well; too. din Nagtatrabaho ngani ra kuno kamo ruto. They say it’s true that you’re working there too. Nagkakanta ra si Carmen. Carmen is also singing. Buko ra ikaw mabuyungon. You aren’t homesick too. Pulos ra sinra maayam magkanta. All of them too know how to sing. Kag ida ra nabilin nak suyat ay ruha. She also left behind two letters. Mauma ako sa ida ag pati ra tan-a sa ida Nanay. I will tell her and supposedly should include her mother also. 22.1part Not yet either; not…though. Buko pa ra kato kag ato asakyan. Our ride isn’t here yet either. 33.1part Fairly; moderately; quite. Mabuot ra sida. She’s quite kind. 44.1part Come on! (as of social pressure). 55.1part Still kept on (as of skepticism). comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. buko man ra