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alwan [álwan] 1adj Easy; light (as of difficulty of work, a light load or easy lifestyle). madali,magaan Maalwan kag ako trabaho kung ako gingtitigusa-usa yang. My work is easy if I do things just one by one. (sem. domains: - Easy, possible.) 2v To become easier, lighter (as of difficulty of work, a light load or easy lifestyle). (sem. domains: - Easy, possible.) 3v To be, become relieved, lighter (as of one's feelings of concern). (sem. domains: - Worried.) der. maalwan

armada [armáda] n Fleet of ships. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

bugaw₂ [búgaw] n Pimp; madame (as of a man, woman who manages, controls women in a brothel or prostitution ring). Sida ay bugaw it kaling mga kabadi hali sa Odiongan. He is a pimp for these women here in Odiongan. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

ensimada [ensimáda] n Twisted sweet bread roll with butter and sugar on top. ensimada Kag ako paburito nak tinapay ay ensimada. My favourite sweet bread rolls are ‘ensimada’. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

gal-om [gál-om] adj Cloudy. madagím, madilim syn: kulimlim, kunom, rag-om 1. (sem. domains: - Cloud.)

gramada [gramáda] n Tent, tarpaulin, marquee, canopy. tolda Kag mga tawo ay naggamit it gramada sa pagkatuyog sa liwas it inra bayay. The people used tents when they slept outside of their house. [inggramada 'bridal tent, put up'. Formerly this was for any tent like shade for a wedding or funeral.] (sem. domains: - Ceremony.) der. inggramada

hab-as [háb-as] adj Heavy handed; uneconomical; profilgate; quickly uses up or consumes something. madaling maubusan Si Joanna ay abang hab-as magsukar kada nagkuyang kag kan-on. Joanna is heavy handed with the food when scooping it out so there was not enough rice. (sem. domains: - Lack, - Appearance, - Waste, 6.1.2 - Method.) comp. buko mahab-as

inak [ínak] 1adj Selfish, mean, unmerciful. syn: ismot. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) 2vbt To be selfish, withhold, not share something with somebody. madamot Ing-iinakan ako it suya sa amo. At home, they are not sharing the viand with me. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) comp. buko ma-inak , der. mainak

inggramada [inggramáda] (der. of gramada) n Tent, tarpaulin, marquee, canopy. Formerly this was for any tent like shade for a wedding or funeral. (sem. domains: - Types of houses.)

ingpapa-eskwela it maguyang ay pakapangmadabas ngani [ingpapa-eskwéla it magúyang ay pakapangmadábas ngánì] id A child wasted time and lost an educational opportunity (lit: sent to school by one's parents but just climbed guava trees). (sem. domains: - Word.)

ismot [ismót] adj Stingy; mean; selfish. madamot Si Andy ay maismot gitao it abokado. Andy is stingy in giving avocadoes. syn: inak 1. (sem. domains: - Stingy, - Selfish.)

kaaganhon [ka-agánhon] n Early morning. madaling araw (sem. domains: - Time of the day, - Early.)

kabuka₁ [kabúka] adj Talkative. madaldal Karamo sidang kaamigo dahil kabuka sida. She’s got many friends because she’s talkative. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality, - Speak a lot.)

kadab₂ [kadáb] id To sell out an item very quickly. madaling maubos Pustaan, kinang ida isra ay akadabon yang it mga tawo. I bet you, the fish he’s selling will be sold out to people very quickly. (sem. domains: - Immediately, - Quick, - Sell.)

kalmada [kalmáda] (der. of kalma) adj Calm (as of weather, sea). payápà (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.)

kamáda [kamáda] 1n Arrangement of something in vertical space (such as furniture, hollow blocks, firewood, stores). ayos Ingbayduhan nako kag kamada it mwebles sa ako kuarto. I changed the arrangement of the furniture in my room. (sem. domains: 7.5.5 - Organize.) 2vt To arrange something (such as furniture). Ingkamada nako kag mwebles sa ako kwarto. I arranged the furniture in my room.

karada [karádà] (irreg. infl. marada) n Cheat, one who cheats. madaya (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Deceive.)

kung hindi madala sa Santong dasalan, sa Santong p... [kung hindî madala sa Sántong dasálan sa Sántong p] saying - Convert to subentry If someone being courted doesn’t respond to a soft approach they will be taken by force (lit:‘If you aren’t carried by saintly prayers, by saintly force’). kung hindi madala sa Santong dasalan ay daanin sa Santong paspasan (sem. domains: - Word.)

maatag [maátag] adj Generous. mapagbigay, hindi madamot Aber istrikto kina si Dulce ay maatag ra kina’g hagaran. Eventhough Dulce is strict she is still generous when you ask her for something.

mabuka₁ [mabúka] (der. of buka) adj Talkative. madaldal Sida it pinaka mabuka sa grupo kung nakakainomey. He’s the most talkative in the group if he’s drunk. (sem. domains: - Talk about a subject.)

mada [máda] n Bird species; Chestnut mannikin, rice bird; sparrow; woodpecker. batúktok Lonchura malacca. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

madabas [madábas] n Fruit species; guava. The leaves contain tannin on dry weight, certain amount of resin, a fat and some eugenol. Astringent decoction of the leaves is given for stomach ache and as a vermifuge. The bark and leaves are used in childbirth to expel the placenta. The fruit is extensively used in the manufacture of jellies. The bark and leaves are astringent, vulnerary, and when used in decoction are antidiarrhetic. bayabas Psidium Guajava (Linn.) (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from plants.)

madamada [madamadá] n Tiny edible mushrooms. kabuti Puro mada-mada kag amo naabutan nak ligbos dahil adlawey kami gighanap. We only got all tiny mushrooms because it was later in the day when we looked for some.

madansi [madánsi] adj Smelly, sticky fluid under the fatty skin of a bird. malansa [It is wiped away with paper or coconut husk or it will give a bad smell to cooking.]

maismot [maismót] adj Selfish; heartless; without feeling, mercy; thrifty; stingy. maramot, madamot Kayain ra kaling tawong maismot. It’s bad to be a selfish person. Si Lolong ay buko maismot kung tungkol sa kwarta. Lolong is not thrifty when it comes to money. Syn: mainak 1, hakog 1; syn: sakim, hakog 1, suyok, kagor 2, hangoy.