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maismot [maismót] adj Selfish; heartless; without feeling, mercy; thrifty; stingy. maramot, madamot Kayain ra kaling tawong maismot. It’s bad to be a selfish person. Si Lolong ay buko maismot kung tungkol sa kwarta. Lolong is not thrifty when it comes to money. Syn: mainak 1, hakog 1; syn: sakim, hakog 1, suyok, kagor 2, hangoy.

hakog [hakóg] 1adj Greedy; selfish; covetous (as of a wheeler-dealer, land grabber). sakím Syn: maismot, mainak 1; syn: sakim, maismot, suyok, kagor 2, hangoy. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating.) 2vt To want something for one’s self; to want a ‘lion’s share’; to be unwilling to share something; to be greedy for money, land, power. Aya baga gihinakog sa partihan it suya. Don’t crave for a lion share in the sharing of our viand. 3vi To be overcome by greed. Nahahakog-hakugan sida sa parayang mais nina Auntie Alice. He wants to have all the corn sent by Auntie Alice for himself. Aya baga kamo gihinakog nak yain kina sa atubangan it Dios. Don’t be greedy since it’s wrong in God’s eyes. [Some won’t educate their children as lawyers in case they turn and take them to court.] der. kahakugan

hangoy [hangóy] adj Greedy. matakaw Abang hangoy ra nimo karakoey gani kag imo parti ay gusto pa nimong buhinan ling ako. You’re very greedy since your share is already so big but you still want to have some of mine. syn: sakim, hakog 1, maismot, suyok, kagor 2. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Greedy.)

kagor [kágor] 1adj Greedy; intemperate or immoderate in eating. syn: dalok, paslo. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating.) 2vi To become greedy. matakaw Nagkagor kag iro. The dog became greedy. syn: sakim, hakog 1, maismot, suyok, hangoy.

mainak [ma-ínak] (der. of inak) adj 1Selfish; mean; possessive; withholds good things. Syn: maismot, hakog 1. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) 2Slipping off, hanging from a spoon; hard to scoop up into a spoon (as of slippery long noodles). (sem. domains: - Extra, - Smooth, - Prepared food.)

sakim [sakím] adj Selfish; Self-centered. sakím Abang sakim ra kaliong tawo ay buko ra kato ida yaman. This man is so selfish when in fact its not his riches. syn: hakog 1, maismot, suyok, kagor 2, hangoy.

suyok [suyók] (dial. var. tidok) adv Very greedy because of hunger. matakaw Kahuhuda ka baga ginunot sa hanraan dahil paysuyok ka gikaon. It’s very shameful to bring you to a gathering because you eat greedily. syn: sakim, hakog 1, maismot, kagor 2, hangoy.

ismot [ismót] adj Stingy; mean; selfish. madamot Si Andy ay maismot gitao it abokado. Andy is stingy in giving avocadoes. syn: inak 1. (sem. domains: - Stingy, - Selfish.)