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karag-om [karág-om] adj Cloudy; overcast. makulimlim Mga anak, aya baga kamo giliwas dahil karag-om kag panahon baka mag-uyan. Children, please don’t go outside because it’s cloudy and it might rain. (sem. domains: - Cloud, 1.1 - Sky.)

kulimlim [kulímlim] adj Dull sky weather. makulimlim Mapauliey kita dahil asing pay makulimlimey kag langit. Let’s go home now because it looks like the sky is getting dull. syn: gal-om, kunom, rag-om 1. (sem. domains: - Cloud, 1.1.3 - Weather.)

kulit [kúlit] v To keep on speaking, repeating a request; insistent; to draw somebody’s attention to a matter. kulit, makulit Ay ilam asing abang kulit baga nimo. Oh I don’t know why you’re always trying to draw my attention to this and that. syn: busi-si. (sem. domains: - Annoyed.)

makuli [makúlì] adj Shortage of something. (sem. domains: 8.1.7 - Enough.)

makunom₂ [makúnom] adj Overcast, dim; looks like rain; gloomy. madilim, makulimlim Waya kami gibuyar sa liwas it mga yamit dahil medyo makunom kag panahon. We didn’t hang our clothes outside because the weather seems overcast.

rag-om [rág-om] 1adj Darkening; rainy looking; dull; cloudy (as of weather, sky). makulimlim Waya ninra gituluyan kag inra byahe pa Simara dahil marag-om kag panahon. They didn’t go on with their trip to Simara because of the cloudy weather. syn: gal-om, kulimlim, kunom. (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) 2v To become dark, dull, rainy looking, cloudy (as of rainy weather, sky). (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) der. marag-om