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lig-on [líg-on] 1adj Stong; sturdy. Aya gikalibog kaling bayay ay malig-on. Don’t worry, this house is strong. 2vi To become stong, sturdy. Naglig-on kag haligi tong ginghigutan it maado. The post was made strong when it was tied very well. 3vt To strengthen; to make something strong. malakas

maisog it kurason [maísog it kurasón] idiom - Convert to subentry Inner strength in the face of fear, danger (lit: brave heart). malakas ang loob Maadoy maisog it kurason kag ida nanay nak naglaban ruto sa nagpanakaw sa inra. Its good that his mother has inner strength in face of fear to fight against those who robed them.

makusog nak nasyon [makúsog nak nasyón] (id. of nasyon) idiom - Convert to subentry Great, strong nation. malakas na bansa Kag Amerika ay makusog nak nasyon. America is a strong nation.

makusugon [makusúgon] n Season of rough seas. malakas ang alon Waya nako gusto magbiyahe pag makusugon nak mga buyan. I don’t want to travel in months where it is a season of rough seas.

malakas [malakás] adj Influential. Malakas sida sa gobernador kada waya sida giprisuha. He’s so influential with the governor that’s why he was not imprisoned.

matigson [matígson] 1adj Strong; sturdy; healthy (said of living things such as people, plants). malakas, matibay Matigson kag anak nak nagsususo sa Nanay. The child who is breast feeding is strong. Kada waya natumba it hangin kag mga tanom ay mga matigson. Those plants are strong so they did not fall over in the wind. 2vi To become strong. Matigson kag imo anak pag apakaunon nimo it maado. Your child will become strong if you feed him well. 3vi To make something strong or healthy. Apatigsunon nako kag ako mga tanom sa pagbutang it abuno. I’ll make my plants healthy by putting fertilizer on them.

ngoyngoy [ngóyngoy] 1n The loud crying. 2vi To cry; to weep without ceasing. hagulhol, iyak ng malakas Nagpakangoyngoy si Neysa pagpauli it ida nubyo sa “Germany”. Neysa cried when her boyfriend went home to Germany. syn: tibaw, ping-it.

puguso₂ [pugúso] adj Ready to face anything; bold; courageous; fearless. malakas ang loob Si Medy ay puguso magpangutang para mapaeskwela tong ida mga anak. Medy is ready to face anything to borrow money so that she can send her children to school.

ras-og [rás-og] n Strong wind. malakas na hangin Waya gitugti si Mike nak magpayupar it eroplano dahil namamasran ninra nak indi kaya it eroplano kinang paabutong ras-og. Mike was not allowed to fly the airplane because they feel that the airplane can’t withstand the strong wind. syn: bulis.

ratsada [ratsáda] n A down pour of rain. malakas na ulan

rugos₁ [rúgos] n Down pour of rain; heavy rain; cloudburst. buhos ng malakas na ulan (sem. domains: - Rain.)

bakir [bákir] n A backer, supporter, financer, patron with great influence, money or power (as of somebody who finances or opens up a job or other opportunity for someone). Madali sidang nakatrabaho dahil malakas kag ida bakir. He easily got that job done because he has a powerful backer. (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.)