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andar [ándar] v 1To start or run a motor; to function; to move away from a parking spot. umandar, takbo Nag-andar kag dyip pagkasakay ninra. The jeep moved away after they boarded it. (sem. domains: 6.6.8 - Working with machines.) 2To become evident as of pride; to be seen to be thinking about something (a colloquial expression about someone’s thinking, habit, emotion, character, etc). (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) der. paandar

kamisatsina [kamisatsína] n Shirt with mandarin collar. kamisatsína (sem. domains: 5.3.7 - Wear clothing, 5.3.1 - Men's clothing.)

mandar [mándar] 1n Orders; command. 2vbt To give orders; to command. mga utos Nagmamandar yang sida sa ida alila kung nio kag ida gusto. He just gives orders to his servants regarding whatever he wanted done. syn: sugo, ordinansa.

ordinansa₂ [órdinansa] n Ordinance; law; rule. batas Kag mga ordinansa halin sa amo puno ay abang hirap gigsunron para sa amo nak mga pobre. The ordinances from our leader are really hard to follow for us who are poor. syn: sugo, mandar 2.

sugo [súgò] vt To command; to send somebody on errand. mag-útos Aya anay gihalin, asuguon ikaw nako. Please don’t leave, I’ll send you on an errand. syn: ordinansa, mandar 2. der. kasugu-an