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mantsa₁ [mántsa] 1adj Dirty; stained; spotted (as of clothing). Mantsado kag ida gingsuksok nak sada. The skirt he wore was spotted with dirt. 2vbt To become stained or spotted with something. mantsa Namantsahan kag ako baro it kape pagkaudak sa ako tasa. My dress was stained with coffee when it spilled from my cup. Nagmantsa kag tagok it ayupas sa ako baro. The sap of the banana stalk stained my dress. syn: tubag 1, mantsa.

mantsa₂ [mántsa] n Stain; blemish. mantsa Maado ag waya mantsa kag ida reputasyon. His reputation is good and without stain. Indi mabaoy kag mga mantsa sa ako sada. The stain in my skirt can’t be removed. syn: tubag 1, mantsa 2.

tubag [tubág] 1n Stain. syn: mantsa 2, mantsa. 2sta To become accidently stained. 3vbt To stain, become stained. mantsa Rahan sabaling atubagan kinang imo baro. Careful, that might stain your dress.