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marayag-unon [marayag-únon] adj Sickly; prone, subject to getting sick; easily catches colds, stomach sickness; feels really bad even with a mild illness. madaling tablan Sida ay abang marayag-unon sa sakit aber maisot yang nak gaos. She gets sick so easily even when she only sweats a little. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

mariyag-unon [mariyag-únon] (irreg. infl. mariyag-anon) adj Gullible; emotional or quick to react; easily persuaded or influenced; easily enchanted by spirits. madaling madala Marayag-unon sida sa mga malaot. She’s easily enchanted by evil spirits. Marayag-unon sida miski sa mga intrimis yang. She reacts quickly even to jokes. syn: raya 2, kumbinse 1, maduta it ilong, marali maraya.