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masamot [masamót] (der. of samot) adj Fast; quick. mabilis syn: samok 1. (sem. domains: - Quick.) comp. masamot kag hingab

masamot kag hingab [masamót kag hingáb] (comp. of masamot, hingab) exp Gasping, panting for breath; fast breathing; to be hyperventilating (as of taking fast, close shallow breaths, often with some noise). [lit: quick breath] (sem. domains: - Quick, 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)

samok [sámok] 1adj Messy. syn: masamot. 2vt To chime; to clang; to ring in fast succession (as of a bell). abala, sunod-sunod

samot [samót] 1adj Busy; fast. matulin, mabilis Masamot permi kag ida trabaho para makapauliey. He is always busy with his work so he can go home. 2vt To be in a hurry; to hurry somebody; to bother somebody. ’Ya ako gisamuka it human it imo speech nak maramo pa akong trabaho. Don’t bother me with making your speech, I still have a lot of work. der. masamot