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hayhat [háyhat] adj Snobbish, proud. mapagmataas Abang hayhat tong ida unang nobya. His first girlfriend was very snobbish. (sem. domains: - Proud, - Despise someone.)

mataas [matá-as] (der. of taas) adj High; tall. (sem. domains: - High, - Tall.)

mataas it ihi [matáas it íhì] (comp. of taas, ihi) adj Proud; haughty (as of from the idea of "aiming high" when a boy is urinating). [lit: high of urine] mayabang Indi sinra magkaruntoy dahil pareho ra sinrang mataas it ihi. They don’t agree with each other because they are both haughty. (sem. domains: - Proud.)

mataas it yupar [matá-as it yupár] (comp. of taas, yupar) adj High ambitions (as of like English "wants to be a high flier"). [lit: high of fly] (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan.)

matawin it ihi [matáwin it íhì] adj Full of pride; a conceited person (lit. long, high spray of urine). mayabang, mapagmataas Nagkagusto si Mario ruto sa rayaga sa baryo dahil buko sida matawin it ihi tuyar ruto sa una nidang nobya. Mario had fallen in love with the barrio lady because she’s not conceited, unlike his other girlfriends.

matayog kag isip [matáyog kag isip] adj Big, great ambitions. mataas ang ambisyon Si Imelda ay matayog kag isip maging reyna pero waya ra nahuman. Imelda had big ambitions to be a queen but it didn’t come true.

tining₁ [tíning] 1adj High pitched voice. tining, mataas Kag ida boses ay matining. Her voice is high pitched. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2vi To make one’s voice high-pitched. Ako apatiningon kag ako boses sa ato drama. I’ll make my voice high-pitched in our play. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

taas [tá-as] 1n Height; tallness. (sem. domains: - High, - Tall.) 2adj High; tall. mataás Mas mataas sida sa ako. She’s taller than me. (sem. domains: - High, - Tall.) 3vt To go up higher; to become expensive (as of a price or wage). Tas-an anay ka sampayan agor indi magsagudar kag mga binuyar sa raga. Please raise up the clothesline so the clothes won’t drag on the ground. Naado it buot kag mga tawo tong nagtaas kag presyo it lugit. The people felt happy when the price of copra went up. Nagmamataas-taasahaney sida ngasing dahil nak nakatrabaho sa Saudi kag ida asawa. She’s becoming high-minded now because her husband was able to work in Saudi. (sem. domains: - Move up, - Expensive.) 4vt To become high pitched (as of somebody's voice getting higher pitched in anger). (sem. domains: - Angry, - Shout.) comp. mataas it ihi , comp. mataas it yupar , der. itaas , der. mataas , der. matinaas-taason

hapya [hápyà] v 1To unroll and lie out flat as of sleeping mat; as of a person lying flat on their back. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 2To fall flat (as of leaves, a collapsed house, grass blown or flattened). Naghapya kag mga payay pagbagyo. The rice plants fell flat on the fields after the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 3To flatten something. pantay Apahapyaon nako’t maado kag mga tiles sa sayog. I’ll have the tiles of the floor lie flat on it. Ahapyaon nako it maado kali nak mataas nak hilamunon. I will flatten this tall grass well. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.)

hayas [hayás] v To cut down brush, undergrowth. Asing waya nimo gihayasa kag mataas nak hilamonon? Why didn’t you cut down the tall grasses? (sem. domains: - Clear a field.) der. hayasan

iskor [iskór] n Score. talà Si Arianne kag nakabaoy it pinakamataas nak iskor sa boling kada sida it naging tsampyon. Arianne got the highest score in bowling that’s why she was declared the champion. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Number series, 3.6.7 - Test, 3.6.8 - Answer in a test, 8.1.1 - Number.)

karne [kárne] 1n A generic term for meat of all kinds. Dapat indi magpakakaon it karne kung ikaw ay mataas it rugo. It’s not advisable to eat meat if you have high blood pressure. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2v To butcher, cut up meat after an animal has been slaughtered. der. diskarne

katungranan [katungránan] n Position of authority; office; responsibility (as in authority, work). responsibilidad Kinang tawong kina ay mataas kag ida katungranan dili sa banwang kali. That person holds a high position in this town. syn: katungkulan. (sem. domains: 4.5 - Authority, - Hortative.)

kisa₂ [kísa] (irreg. infl. kay sa) llcr: mas. part Than; compared to something. kaysa Sida ay mas mataas kisa ako. She is taller than I am. (sem. domains: - Compare.) id. mas...kisa

man 11.1part Indeed, even; really (as of correcting, emphasizing or of something unexpected). narin Kahuhudaey man kung pati nanay ag tatay nida ay nanunot pa. It would indeed be embarrassing if his mother and father still accompanied him. Indi man nida maubos kina. He won’t even use that up. Miskan pa man mataas nak kahoy ay inatawog nida. Even though the trees are really tall he still climbs them. Kag ako rayang kwarta pa man ay kuyangey. Even all the money I brought was not near enough. 22.1part Anyone; whoever; whatever (as of forming the indefinite pronoun). Sio man ay pwedeng magpali. Anyone can come. Kung nio man kag imo nakita ay umaan sa ako. Whatever you see tell me. 33.1part Even if (as of concession contra-expectation). Asilinggon nako man ka kamatuuran indi ka ra gihapon gipati sa ako. Even if I tell the truth you still won’t believe me. 44.1part Correction, contradiction. Kada Martes man kag abot it bapor. No the boat comes every Tuesday. 55.1part As a result…not even; Either, even (as of dissimilarity). Waya man yang ikaw nakapamahaw. As a result you didn’t even get to eat breakfast either. comp. buko man ra , id. man o

nuno sa punso [núnò sa púnsò] n Dwarf-like spirits that live in earth mounds. nuno sa punso Indi kuno gigsiraon kinang raga sa puno nak pay mataas dahil ingga busa it mga nuno sa punso. They say one shouldn’t destroy the dirt that is piled up around trees because the reason is that there are dwarf-like spirits there.

pinaka [pinaká] adv Most (as of superlative degree of comparison). pinaká Pinaka mataas sida sa tanan. He’s the tallest of all. syn: ka(Cu)-, ka-(R) 1.

sang-at₁ [sáng-at2] 1adj Placed higher up. 2n Place where things are put on. 3vbt To put up higher on something; hang up (e.g hang up a basket on a nail, put one’s leg up on a chair, put something on a higher shelf). sukbit Mahirap magsang-at it mabug-at sa mataas nak butangan. It’s hard to put heavy things up in a high place. Nakasang-at sa ida ingkoran kag ida siki pagnagkakaon. He puts his feet up on the chair while he was eating. Nalimutan nakong isang-at kag basket sa lansang. I forgot to put the basket up on the nail.

subasta₁ [subásta] vbt To bid; to tender for something (as of getting a construction job, land bid, or auction). subasta Ingpasubasta sa mga taga Maynila kag patrabaho sa pantalan. The bid for the work on the pier was given to those from Manila. Ingpasubastahan ninra it mataas kag duta. They made a high bid for the land. (sem. domains: - Buy, 6.8.4 - Financial transaction.) der. pasubasta

tumba [túmba] 11.1sta To fall over from an upright position (usually sideways). Natumba it hangin kag kataas nak nidog sa habig it amo bayay. The tall coconut tree beside our house fell over because of the wind. Natumba kag sanrig nak ingpasanrig sa bayay. The ladder that was put against the house fell over. 1.2vi To fall over. tumba Nagtutumba kag mga mataas nak gusali pag-naglilinog. Tall Buildings fall over when there’s an earthqauke. 22.1vt To turn something over on its side. Apatumbahon it panray kag lamesa agor mabutangan it siki. The carpenter will turn the table over on its side in order to put on the legs. syn: pabalinsay, balintong 2.